Does anyone have any recommendations for Local Tour Operators in San Diego, California?


City: San Diego

State: California

Country: United States


Oddly enough, I live in San Diego, yet I've never used ANY of the tour companies, nor do I know anything about them. I do know that ALL of them, no matter what city is overpriced. BUT, if you really want to do a high-priced tour, I would google San Diego Tour Operators and see what comes up.
What I usually do when visiting an unknown place is catch a taxi somewhere and ask the driver lots of questions. They are usually a wealth of information and all it costs is the taxi ride (and a nice tip, of course).
For an inexpensive city tour, the Old Town Trolley tours are reliable and allow you to get on and off the vehicle and explore the various attractions. You don't get any kind of personalized service, and at times the information may be more entertaining than factual, but most people enjoy them.

If you want a high-end, customized unusual tour, consider my company, San Diego Insider Tours (). I share with my clients some of the fascinating information I learned before becoming a professional guide -- while working as a newspaper reporter for 30 years

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