Hello! We are planning to arrive by air in Chili at 15th of Febrary 09.45 (local time) and we need an accomodation not so expensive....

...Also we wont to have an excursion in this day. Could anybody help us? Can anyone give us some advises about hotel in Chili and it would be nice if somebody meet us in airport. Thanks!


City: Santiago

Region: Region Metropolitana

Country: Chile


Hi Olga, i hope than you are ok. The hostels are more cheap, if you want to find something more expensive . Visit or ,
Hotels in Santiago you can find here
And please don´t take a cab or taxi in the airport, is very expensive.In the same airport of Pudahuel you can take a minibus called TurBus or Pullman bus is very cheap.
Hi... when my foreign friends visit chile they always stay in Andes Hostel ) They say is cheap and looks very good.
About the transport I wont be able to take you, but you can hire a bus or just take the public transport( Ask for indications!!! Public transport can be very messy and you have to buy a card to get in)
Dear Olga Matveyenko, you can see our NEW rooms in our web page at:
and rooms with different prices.
We offer charming and comfortable guestrooms. We provide internet, WiFi . French and English spoken, kitchen availability.....
We enjoy having people at our home and are looking forward to being your hosts, on your next visit to Santiago.
Marilu from Marilu´s B&B
Thank you for your letter but I can't enter to your website, Do you have any problems with website now?
Hi Olga.
Certainly a good travel experience, it is of good contacts, low prices and great entertainment. It all depends who wish to visit places, mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, beaches, nature reserves, wine tour, etc..
I can offer transportation, cheap and safe accommodation, trekking and adventure staff, good entertainment information. Another option is to go with and give support to the places you want to visit.
Feel free to ask for information and uncompromising. Ok:)
PS: If you need more certainty to your questions about travel in February, calling without commitments:
(56) 926 909 08
cristian.cubillos.r @
Luck, a hug.
I suggest a room at Hotel Paris($14000 pesos ,30USD), that is where is stay when I go to work in the north, the rooms are clean and it has a great location in the center of the city, you can see la moneda, as well as many of the colonial buildings, the main plaza, museo precolombiana, etc, etc. You could make a day of it in the downtown.

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