transportation to mariscal

Whats the best way to get to La Mariscal from the airport?


City: Quito

Province: Pichincha

Country: Ecuador


Taxi: it should not cost more than $5.
I agree with Tony. In Quito there is no easy public transport option, and taxis are super cheap. Except for airport taxis (which should cost you USD 5 as Tony says), taxis taken anywhere else are cheap.
Public transportation would be time-consuming and not very reliable. Taxis are not expensive but make sure the driver turns the meter on. If you are concerned about security, you can call a taxi company and have an identified cab sent to you. One of those companies' phone number is 222-2222 calling from landline or 02-222-2222 from mobile. Any option you choose should never cost more than $5.
Hi Sofia, welcome to Ecuador and its beautiful capital Quito.
Quito airport it is located in the middle of the city. To get La Mariscal takes 10-15 minutes. The best way will be by taxi but some taxi drivers of the airport try to get more money. They will ask for $10 - &15 or more. Try to negociate with them and don´t pay more than $5, the normal rate for a national will be $2. Outside of the airport there are some vans companies, a safe transportation for $5- $8.
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is very easy take a bus in 10 minutes you are in la mariscal neiborhood paying 25cents or take a taxi but crusing the street from the airport and spend 2 dollars
or callme i live next the airport
When you get out of the terminal, just outside, you can get a Taxi - Cab, and ask the driver to get you to "Calle Cordero y Reina Victoria" ... there you are in the very beginning of "La Mariscal". If you don´t speak spanish, print the following words and give it to the driver:

"Por favor lléveme a la calle Cordero y Reina Victoria, en La Mariscal"

It will get you there and it is not expensive.
Thank you so much....that is so helpful. I do indeed speak spanish, but now I know exactly what to ask for when the taxi asks me where Im going. Thanks.
BY taxi. It's the best choice, considering that the taxi service is not expensive. Outside the Mariscal Sucre Airport, you will find many taxis which will carry you to the apartment in about 12 minutes, depending of the traffic. The price is less than 5 dollars.

By Public Transportation

It's a choice if you want to explore the city, however is not so comfortable if you carry a big luggage, and considering the traffics it might take 45 minutes or more to get to the apartment. However if you want the public transportation, go outside the airport and you will reach the Amazonas Avenue, you have to cross the street and wait for bus line "Camal- Aeropuerto". You will probably get to know Amazonas Avenue during your stay because its one of the major commonly used streets in the "La Mariscal" area.

You have to ask to the bus driver for the "Gaspar de Villaroel" avenue and stop there. In the same stop you have to wait for bus line "Carcelén-Congreso" and ask the bus driver for "Jorge Washington Street" once you get there you are in the center of la mariscal area.
Sofhia,, as soon as you get to the airport you could get a taxi there,or walk half a block and do the same or take a bus it's really cheap. specially if you speak the lenguage you won't have any problem, la mariscal is not to far from the airport..greetings,,,,Raul
You can speak in English, no problem.
it's better if you tae a taxi it can costs 5 or 10 dollars, if you take a taxi out the airport is more expensive.
Hi Sofi sorry for this late replay. I was doing the christmas bird count around Mindo ..

the best way to get to la Mariscal , is by taxi, specially if you are alone.. or just take a bus... it is no expesive.. if you want i can pick you up at the airport... if I am not working.....
I will agree that taxi is the best way to get to La Mariscal, especially at night. I, however, will say that the fare will never go below $6 directly from the airport during the day. It will be more expensive at night, regardless the fact of whether you're a national or not. Do try to get a cheaper fare if possible.

If you travel before sunset and you carry light luggage, then consider taking a bus on Amazonas Ave. Alternatively, you can cross the street from the airport and get a cab for a cheaper rate than those from the airport (and perhaps one with meter).

Do notice that when you leave the airport, north will be to your right, and you want to head south.
A txi cab, from 3 to 5 bucks depending if its day or night !
Easy option is to just take a taxi, you'd pay about $3-5, a good starting point in the Mariscal is Plaza Foch - the epicentre of any travellers need (hostals/hotels, bars/restaurants, spanish/dance schools, travel supplies, touring companies etc) either ask for the taxi to take you to 'La Plaza Foch' or 'Reina Victoria y Mariscal Foch'. (Tip - if your spanish is limited as for a metered taxi so you don't get overcharged "Con taximetro por favor" or if you've got spanish down pat try haggling down the price, say you've been several times before and always paid $3 for example)

Alternatively if you feel more adventurous and don't have too much luggage head out the airport and about 10minute walk south along La Prensa you'll see a bus stop 'Aeropureto' in the middle of the main traffic lanes, the Metrobus, it's really simple to use just pay 25 cents hop on and get of on one of the pre assigned stops, the closest to the Mariscal

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