Any recommendations for cell phones in Nicaragua. My phone won't work there so I'll need to get a phone plus a plan or prepaid. I'll... there 4 months. I'll call US via skype. I'll mostly be around Managua and Masaya and sneak of the Granada, Esteli, Leon, and Costa Rica.


City: Managua

Department: Managua

Country: Nicaragua


Prepaid is pretty much what they have down there. You can get a cell anywhere between $30 - $60. There are two services:Claro and Movistar...both are very reliable. With personal expierence and satisfaction, I would recommend Claro. You can get phone cards or "recargas" pretty much anywhere, just ask around wherever you happen to be. I hope this helped some, if you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask. I live in Nicaragua most of the year, so I pretty much know my way around, so if you want recommendations on where to go, where to stay, what to do, just ask. :)
Thanks Sofia, Quite helpful.
Hello, Pretty much Sofia has said all. I will strongly recomend CLARO, which has a national clear cover plus is the biggest in Nicaragua since they are the owner of the conventional lines.

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As Sofia and everyone said, choose claro
As Sofia said Claro is the best option. They have the best national cover. You can use that Claro cell phone in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala BUT not in Costa Rica. In Costa Rica communications are still in hands of the Government and Claro cell phones doesn´t work in Costa Rica. Traveling through Nicaragua, your best choice is Claro. Skype is good to call free of charge to the US, but Claro has a very good fee per minute in calls made by cell phone. There are plans beginning in $ 10 dollars, but I am not sure about the requirements. My suggestion is a pre-paid cell phone operated by Claro.
My 2 cents worth - Claro works just about everywhere and is expensive. Movistar is much cheaper, works great in the cities and in most of the not too distant countryside. Calling cross network is a complete rip off. I know quite a few people who carry two phones - one for Claro and one for Movistar. I just stick to Skype for outgoing - and people can call me on my Claro if an email won't suffice.

Have a great time in Nicaragua!

You can buy a cellphone for $ 40 anywhere. If you make many calls, it is better to hire a plan. The plans range from $ 10 to $ 100 per month. But plans have a minimum contract of months. Skype is an alternative, but if you have the chance, get a MagicJack for your calls to U.S.. Contact Edwin Ruiz is a private guide.
You answered the question I needed to ask but didn't know how to. Mucho gracias.
Your welcome.
At your arrival at the Managua International Airport, go to the car rental area to a small Cell Phone shop located there. You can buy a phone with prepaid option or if your phone is unlocked, just buy a SIM card and then you will add how much air time as you need. There are options from $20-$25.

If you are renting a vehicle, most rental companies can borrow you a cell phone with prepaid option.
hello wilfredo

you can buy cell fone´s ad the airport in managua the cheapest is to just buy a prepay simcard at the airport is a movistar and a enitel shop they cal the simcard a chip the simcards from both company´s are the same price and both shops are inbetween arival and departure on the airport witch the cheapest is from the two company´s is depending onwhere you call to but enitel is also poviding the fixed line telefoons here so if you are using it to make hotel reservations and that kind of thins than i would say enitelwhen you arive with the evening flight the shops at the airport can be closed
the cheapest telefoon´s from enitel are 28 us dollar furder you can use in moost hotel the internet and you find also a lot of cibercafe´s the price per half hour is 5 a 7 cordoba and it is 20-21 cordoba per us dollar

i hoop this wil help you if you need more info mail me at
gretingzzzzzzz frans
Hello Will it is good to know that soon you will in our beautiful country yes like James mention calling cross carriers is Rip Off on both ends but yes claro is more expensive because of signal strength but in your case if your going to costa rica and you want to use your phone there you would be better off with Claro.

Movistar has very week signal but it is very good for Inter calling but you mention that you will use skype for that but another plus of movistar is that the handsets are always a 20% cheaper than claro.

well I hope this helps take care.
Remenber that I have both cell companies because my clients have both so I recomend to have both sim cards or get to phones enjoy.
hello what do you mean your phone will not work here if you have a cdma phone wont work here because that is uor old tequnologie but if your phone has Sim card yuo can use it here thank you.
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you can buy a cell phom from $ 20 in the gas estation. Movistar. If you´ll stay in the places that you said movistar is cheaper to call US.
Well, there are two cellphone companies Claro and Movistar, you can buy a pre-paid cellphone from $20 dollars includes the number of course. In post-paid I dunno if this companies gives plans to visitors, but u should ask them and they will give you all the information u need. Good luck!
Hi Wil ! Thanks for passing your question. I would like to suggest . Here you'll get all information on variant plans include VOIP services. I had also faced same problem but my cell phone is working now. You can get info on Cheap Calling Plans, VoIP Calling Plan, VoIP Telephone Service and Direct Connect Service also.

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