How bad is water problem in Istanbul right now? Because I read a lot of comments from many tourists that water shortages usually...

...happens through out the years. How long it will take?


Country: Turkey


Don't worry, these water shortages were 5-6 years ago. Now it is alright, and especially in hotels it is totally okay.
so dont come
There are no problems, dont worry about it.
Make sure you stay in a decent hotel, so you wont have any problems. Ask me for help if you want
Dear sir ,
, yes water shortage can happen throughout whole Turkey ,specialy in the summer , but in the last few winters we recieved a lot off snow -rain in almost all parts off Turkey ,by that the water resavoirs wich hat been very low filled up totally .
To prevent the water shortness in turkey the goverment is building more dams in rivers and making new water depo's .
Big city Istanbul with 16 miljon people will be always one off the first to feel the watershortness , new setup education among the people helps to reduce unnesscarry water spilling .

so hope this answer pleases you

greeting Tom Holleman
Talkin bout İstanbul, one of the world's greatest metropol.s; sanitary conveniences, drinking water compared to others like of moscow, london etc. has nothing worse but may be at a better quality... for those "many tourists" commenting on water shortages might have tasted the finest quality of these services for free. May be if they paid tens of dollars for drinking water they would be happy as if they are buying water in Paris :)) Don't worry the worst place in İstanbul is a lot better than anywhere in the world. If you like, you can visit "Paharganj" and pay more to get less:)

Also, if you'd like a glass of water any tradesman or any host would be pleased to offer you some fresh drink:) Cos' we still have the belief "For God's Sake"

Have a nice trip...
it is normal things that water shortage in other countries.sometimes water shortage can be in istanbul as normal but not everytime.and goverment let people know that there will be a water shortage or no when there is don't worry:)
who ever told you this, probably had been to Istanbul 10 years before or never. nothing to worry about water, electricity, heating, etc.
İf you come to istanbul weather is very change but not very cold

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