what to do after prague

I ll have 12 days to spend in europe. im spending 4 days in London, then 3 days in prague, but havent a clue on where to go another 5days? Ill be alone, any ideas would be nice.. Suggestions anyone?


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


There are several great cities reachable by train or bus from Prague. You can head north and visit Dresden and Berlin in Germany. Or you might go south to Vienna and Budapest. Each of these options is ideal for 5 days. Alternatively, I would suggest that you stay in the Czech Republic where you can visit a few spectacular Unesco sites, such as Český Krumlov, Telč or romantic medieval castles like Karlštejn near Prague. For cheap bus tickets, check out
As an alternative to staying in the Czech Republic, fascinating cities such as Berlin, Dresden and Nuremburg (Germany), Bratislava (Slovakia), Vienna (Austria) & Budapest (Hungary) are all within easy reach by car, bus or train - with Berlin and Budapest being the furthest away (approx 5 hours)

If you choose to stay in the CR then why not visit Terezin, the transit camp used by the Nazis during the war. It is an interesting and thought provoking place, without being as harrowing as places like Auschwitz (which is close to Krakow in Poland).

You could also look to visit the spa towns of Karlovy Vary and Marianske Lazne
Both these suggestions are fine, i would have said the same, definately CESKY KRUMLOV !!!
Cesky Krumlov is gorgeous but damn, it gets crowded. It's about 2.5 or 3.5 hrs from Prague, depending how lucky you are with connections. Direct bus is fastest, but there's something to be said for taking the train to Ceske Budejovice, which has the second largest square in the country and is home to the Budvar brewery ("Czechvar," Heaven help us, if you're American), and then taking a bus to Krumlov. (The train from Budejovice to Krumlov is a little diesel bus train and takes blinkin ages.)
Olomouc is also a cool town in which to spend a day or two and is en route to Krakow. Krakow these days is dead cool and I highly recommend it. To Krakow, taking a sleeper train overnight is the best option. Thanks to the Schengen treaty, you don't get awakened by border guards at obscene hours anymore!
yeah, Cesky Krumlov, is a real paradise and if u like Prague you will stay speecheless when entering Cesky Krumlov, if u decide to see it, and then as for other cities in Europe......well, i am absolutely fond of Budapest, it is near to Prague and has wonderful athmosphere as well, plus you can profit of various spas there:-)
You definitely should visit south Moravia- lovely place with castles and wine cellars.
Don't be afraid to keep it open and flexible. I have always found that I often enjoy a destination more than I anticipated and wish I didn't have to leave when I planned. This time of year hotel rooms are not hard to book last minute, and are often less expensive that way. 3 days in Prague will go by in a blink of an eye, you could spend that much time viewing Prague Castle or Old Town alone. But if you are in Prague and cant take any more amazing architecture, culture, dining and night life, try a trip to Hradec Kralove or Czech Paradise. These are short drives and reveal a slower pace and borders with Poland and Germany. You may contact me directly for more specific recomendations.

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