Best place in UAE to visit and see in one week.

Hello,I have a week's vacation and I want to travel to an Arabian country. Which would be the best place for a week's holiday so that I can cover all sights and shopping within thjose 7 days and yet not have too much idle time on hand. Should be a small place,not involving much travel. Which country do you recommend?


Country: United Arab Emirates



I would suggest the UAE. In 7 days you can divide into the following:
1 Day in AbuDhabi to see the Emirates Palace and Sheikh Zayed Mosque and Abu Dhabi in General
3 days in Dubai to see the general sites such as Atlantis, Burj Al Arab, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai Mall, Dubai Creek, Gold Souk.
1 Day to see the Museum of Islamic Civilization in Sharjah and the Central Souk. You can go on a Desert Safari tour as well.
1 or 2 days in Fujeirah on the beach doing beachy things.

That's an option. If you want more information, please ask


you've got the 1st answer which is great recommendations in UAE...
and i can also recommend a 1 day drive to Jebel Hafeet mountain in Al Ain city and have a coffee break to the Mercure hotel just down there, and back to Dubai for a stroll in the creek, down to museum and heritage village (i can get u there through - if u want to), u can have a cruise dinner later at night and u can still go to Dubai Shopping Festival this week at Global Village.

Enjoy your stay!!!
Hi there. if u do have 07 days then the following things could be worth doing it in Dubai ....

1). Nothing can be the best starting ur first day with a full day tour with Atlantis Aqua VEnture which will cost u AED 240 per person and you have can fun over the water park and dolphin show including the beach where u can rest and have great view of THE PALM JUMEIRAH.By paying AED 100 more you can also have the view to Lost World which is again one of the best of its kind to visit. To enjoy it u need to devote one full day for that and you will be free probably by 11 pm from morning 08am.
2). Second day you can have mixture of basically two or three things. U can start your day from Meena Bazaar by shopping it to the best bargains till early noon followed by a lunch. After lunch can visit the DUbai Museum which is simply 02 minutes walk from Meeena Bazar. Dont forget to book your self for desert safari tours and after viewing the museum u can simply go to desert safari which wil cost u AED 375 per person. As desert safari people needs to pick u up so u can tell the place to them and they will be picking u around 0330 in the after noon for the tour. again after desert safari u will be back by 1130pm.
3). Do you check out from the current hotel you are staying and shift your self from Dubai to Al Aqah beach resort Fujeirah. Stay there for one day and enjoy the lovely beaches with exiting water sports and some lovely indoor sports like squash, table tennis.

4). Now you will be returning back on forth day of you tour so u can reserve the evening for shopping and views of different malls like deira city center, ibn battuta mall.

5). fifth day you can reserve it for Mall of Emirates and can have half day spend over there as that mall do have ski dubai in it. Imagine skiing in Dubai. after your lunch you can leave from here and move towards Al Ain on private rent a car towards Jabel Hafeeth. After the sunset you will have great view of lights and city of Alain. Not only that the road on which u will be driving on will be of a great experience too.

6). take the city tour from any of the toursist company and enjoy Dubai with a guide who will show u the most happening places in DUbai along with its true colors.
Your looking at: UAE! Best place to travel in 7 days thats got everything u asked for! And believe me, 7 days u could do a lot with UAE. If you were to go with me, this is what we'd do:
1) Check out old culture in Dubai and Sharjah souks, abras, meuseums, forts and heritage villages.
2) Check out the new bling of Dubai and Abu Dhabi; pretty malls, shinny hotels, spas, palm island, yuppy clubs
3) Run around the natural countryside on the worlds largest sand dunes in Liwa oasis, safari through the desert, wadi bash through the rocky and oasis mountains in Khatwa
4) Attend a local wedding!
I'll take u around if u seem cool and fun, and if I got time during the days u visit :)
Eitherways, enjoy!
All the above are excellent suggestions and will certainly give you a good feel for the UAE.
May I also suggest trying to fit in a trip to Musandam.
There are many tour companies offering guided trips there from Dubai and you will get to see the most stunning ocean fjords, sapphire waters and abundant sealife.
Alternatively split your trip between the UAE and Oman.
Muscat is beautiful this time of year - on the ocean but surrounded by mountains and so different from the fast life of Dubai.
It's really worth it!!

Enjoy your stay

Blue skies
If it was me I would try to cover all 7 of the Emirates in seven days.

First I would do Ajman and Sharjah in a day, firmly believing that that's all the time you need to see what these two Emirates have to offer. Next I would spend a day at the Um Al qawain Beach hotel, go to Um al Qawain sport aviation club, get an ultralight flight or a tandem parachute jump.

On the third day, I'd visit Ras al Kaimah for a half day then travel to Fujarah and stay for the night in Fujairah.

Next day I'd travel to Al Ain in Abu Dhabi Emirate go up the Jebel Hafeet Mountain, then I'd drive direct to Abu Dhabi and stay in Abu Dhabi for the night

On the fifth day I'd head back to Dubai and finish off my last two days in Dubai, best Emirate for shopping and the saving the "best" Emirate for last.


If you would like a more cultural experience, then go to Oman which has kept most of it's heritage and culture. UAE is very modern and you can do some unique things such as sand skiing and snow skiing and of course, shopping. Oman is not far from UAE by plane, so if you have the time, do both. Please keep in mind that Dubai is very busy and you might waste alot of time in traffic. Abu Dhabi isn't as busy, but doesn't have the activities like Dubai.
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