I'm planning for a trip to Spain in April and wanted to know what the weather is like particularly in Barcelona & Andalucia. Also...

...would a 7 day trip be enough to visit both places?


Country: Spain


Hello Sally,

If you would like to see both in 7 days, that would be very short.
Barcelona city, would need a few days and then Andalucia is very big and in the south of Spain, whereas Barcelona is located in the north.
Andalucia is a province and have a lot of different cities etc..
The weather in the south of Spain is usually very nice in April, being the spring season, not too cold,nice weather and everything in bloom.
Enjoy your trip, as we do love our area, which is in Andalucia.
Hello Sally,
Its a great time to visit Barcelona and Andalusia before it gets too hot down there.
On my bicycling tours we visit Cordoba, Granada and Seville. A lot of people also like to visit Ronda and the white villages in the Alpujarras. In Granada you can visit the Alhambra palace. The entrance tickets for this visit can be bought online and it is recommendable to reserve the visit to the palace and the gardens. Granada has lots of foreign visitors as well as Cordoba. In Spain we do have very fast trains. For example you might fly into Barcelona and then take the high speed train to Madrid and visit also the capital. From here you trave in the high speed train south to Cordoba and Seville or Malaga. One week is fine but to enjoy your trip you have to choose a few places and then probably come back again! In Barcelona you need two days too.
One important advise. Spain is a very safe country, nevertheless pick-pocketing in big cities is especially to have an eye on. Do not store all your belongings at the same place, make photo copies of your important documents. Loosing your passport makes you loose a day at the American embassy. Always be a bit vigilant. As I say this happens in Paris, Rome and New York.
Should you have further questions please send me a message. although have a look at my website
Happy Holidays
Hi Sally!

In April the weather is usually nice, as it's starting to get warmer after the winter (but it's still spring-like, don't expect summer temperatures yet!).

7 days sound a bit rushed in my opinion unless you just want to get a short feel of each place and are ok spending almost as much time travelling from city to city as visiting them.

As a Barcelona local I don't think 2 days for this city are enough, specially if this two days include arrival and departure... Think Barcelona is as big as Manhattan and you need some time to figure your way around. I'd recomend you spend a full day discovering the Gaudí sites (Sagrada Familia Church, Park Guell, Casa Batllo and Casa Milà), and another day for the Old Town (Ramblas, Gothic Quarter, Born district). Then you'd still be missing museums such as the Picasso, and areas such as the Hill of Montjuic (1992 Olympics and 1929 World Fair) and the Waterfront (Old Port, Barceloneta quarter and Olympic Village Marina).

My tip for Barcelona? Either hire a professional tourguide that can lead you around, skipping lines to enter the sites and therefore saving you a lot of time), or spend at least 3 days in town.

I wouldn't go to Andalusia via Madrid either: it's quite easy to find cheap airfares Barcelona/Andalusia.

As for Andalusia, I must recognize I don't know it as much as I'd like to, but I can give you some advice based on my personal experience as a traveller.

My two very favorite are Granada and Cordova. Before going to Granada make sure you book your entrance to the Alhambra beforehand online, or you risk not being able to enter it. This town is charming, it's too bad just going there for the day. As for Cordova, I was there a couple of years ago and could only stop there for one night: believe me I was so sad about it!

Then Sevilla is the capital city and it really captures the Andalusian flavour. Again... one single day? Not recomendable unless you really have picked beforehand one main site to visit and are ok missing the whole rest.

I also did Ronda + Cádiz + Jerez + some of the White Villages some years ago, and that was for almost a whole week that we spent mostly driving. It was quite tiring for me, and I wish I had taken some more time to spend in each place. That happens when one tries to do too much in not enough time. Sigh.

I haven't been to Malaga yet (and I really want to go to their Picasso Museum some day!). They say it's charming and many people love its beaches, although April might be a bit early to go (sunbathing might be fine, but the water would be cold).

Just one last thing. If you can choose your dates to travel, avoid as much as possible Easter and the week after, as at least in Barcelona that's a super-high-season moment! And crowds unavoidably slow down your pace and it might get harder (and more stressful) to keep to your schedule.

Enjoy your trip and let me know if you needed any assistance when in Barcelona!

Hello! I agree with the others that 7 days can be very short, both Barcelona and Andalucia deserve more! I would do Barcelona in one trip, and Andalucia I would split in at least two trips or a longer period. I've lived in Sanlucar for 4 years, and I never get tired from experiences in this area (Sanlucar, Jerez, Cadiz, Sevilla), and still there is so much more to see! I was 3 days in Barcelona, and a good idea is to take the guided sightseeing bus, you jump on /jump off and can see exactly what you want to see at your own pace.
Don't forget to get in touch if you visit the western Andalucia, best beaches in Spain and wonderful history and culture to experience. I can help you with accommodation in Jerez (the town that is known as the cradle of flamenco, horses and shrry wine).
April is a wonderful time in Andalucia, and after Easter the "Ferias" start throughout Andalucia, first place is Sevilla with "La Feria de Abril", and all the smaller towns follow up with their local "ferias".
Feel free to visit my website
I wish you a wonderful holiday in Spain.
Unfortunately I don't agree much with your opinion on the hop on / jump off bus...
Yes, it saves you finding out how to get to places but it's got a few inconveniences. The main one is that the information you get about the sites is pretty poor. The other one is the HUGE lines formed specially at Plaça Catalunya and Sagrada Familia (and if she is coming around Easter it won't be huge lines... it'll be HELL LONG lines!).

Finally, the Red Line is great to do the Gaudí sites from the city center until the Park Guell, but after that, the bus route continues to areas that aren't that exciting unless you are interested in the football stadium. If you aren't... I'm afraid you'll be forced to spend more than an hour sitting in the bus passing by just a few secondary sites (good to see if you are staying for longer than 2 days, but that's not the case), while you could be enjoying other more important areas.

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