I would like to rent a driver and a car/minivan from the 21st till the 24th. How much would it cost?

We are going to hire a guide and will be doing several activiities around Sacred Valley.


City: Cuzco

Department: Cusco

Country: Peru


You must contact to:

There you will find Chino who could help you with everything because he woks all the time with minivans, he is professional tour guide from Cusco.
i can find a mini van for you... just write me where you want to go exactly.

Cusco Office 51-84-236090
how many person are You in ? in cusco a car cost around 45 to 65 USA per day
A van with driver will cost you 85$ per day (including gas). Aguide will cost you araound 75$ per day. Contact us if you want and we can reserve both for you
Good luck.
Around $75usd per day but it will depend a lot on what are u planning to do anyway at the avenue El SOl theres some car rentals! half block down from the Post office :)
Hey I can help you find a car with driver (including gas) for 60 dollars per day. If you want to hire a guide your in the right place. I am a guide for 5 years now and I would love to show you around in the sacred valley. I also guide tours for the inca trail/salkantay/lares to macchupichu and city tours in cusco.I ask 60 dollars a day. With kind regards
Price: $85.00 USD per service
Start Date: December 9, 2009
Start Time: anytime
Duration: 1
Included: Van and driver per day $85 including gas. Guide for the Sacred Valley, $75 per day.

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