Hi, I am hoping to visit Latvia by end of December. I work in Media & PR field, so during my visit I hope to explore opportunities of...

...setting up a business venture (Travel & Leisure etc), will you be able to help me with as to whom I should meet & what should I know? Thanx my no is 0094773635055. Regards, Santhush


Country: Latvia


You would need to provide much more detail. Where do you come from? What languages do you speak? What are your current connections in Europe? What kind of leisure? etc.
can you be more specific of what kind of advise/help do you need?
hello, oh i can help you to get most important information and all you want to know :]
Could u ask more specific questions, otherwise it's hard to understand what information u really need to know. If after visiting Latvia u will decide to open venture i can help u from legal side:)
Its a good thing to do. =) contact please me on skype, there are lots of things to discuss. If you are familiar to European Community Laws, its easier for you,if you are not- you need a lawyer, translator, business project and money. With banks the situation is bad, so its better to get money in your country first. Population here is abt 2.2.million and of course,lots people who want to work. =) If its a legal business, I will try to help if I can. (skype: zibens0512) Have a nice week!!!&Good luck!
I will be glad to help with information and some advise
sorry, can't help about your bussiness, but can answer some questions about Latvia and Riga (places to go and stuff like that :)

More info is necessary. btw, at end of December many tour agencies etc. are closed, so maybe for business is better to come other month.
I would help you find the information that is necessary and help with the contacts if you are more specific about what exactly do you want to know and do. I have worked as business consultant for foreigners interested to do business in Latvia, so I think my expereince can be valuable for you. Where are you from and why interest in Latvia?
Greetings from Latvia.
It was nice, to get Your @mail and it's nice to hear from you, that you are planning a holiday trip to Europe.
If You'll go to Latvia in December'09 and may be will visit Ventspils, I thought it would not be a bad idea to contact me.
Of course, I can show You around my city and the nearest places, to tell about the local business venture or find for you a suitable place in hotel. To manage something for you, I must to know in which the dates (and the number of days) you are coming to Ventspils.
If You'll go to Latvia in the end of December, there may be a deep winter with hard frost and snow. Already now, in Latvian are only a few degrees above zero, but at night in some places the temperature is already below zero degrees (Celsius). To feel comfortable, there are need's warm clothes and winter shoes from natural fur.
It's worth for considering...
I'll send to you my phone number by SMS. If You haven't received it, let me know & write me Your @mail.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Take care. Bye for now.
regards, Ayari
Hi Santush. Welcome to Latvia. Great opportunities. Please write me on email or we can talk on Skype ilga_galvina
I can help you with legal side for business, also I have some friends who have came from other countries and started the same business here, you may get a lot of necessary information. Feel free to email me
Hi Santhush,
I have some expierence on organizing active events re adventures and travels - especially bikes and motobikes. EVERITHING IS POSSIBLE! :) , But could You be more specific on your interests? In what kind of activities You are interested? Incoming or Outgoing, etc. ?
Hi, Write me again when will you know about dates here in Latvia and tell me your wishes. I'm journalist and tourism professional at the same time and I amn sure that can help you. Just let me know!
maybe you can send me your e-mail and date when you come to LV and then we can talk about your ideas.
Hi! defenitely i could help you! there is a lot of companies in Latvia which are dealing with opening a business for foreigners, but my advice would be to go directly to companies register get the all necessary information/ consultation there. and you can open the company yourself. it will be much cheaper and to some extent more secure. Comanies register can be found on Perses stree 2, Riga. if you need further instruction just call me or send me an e-mail.
If you're interested, I can set up some meetings with publicists from bigest finance magazine "Dienas Bizness" and travel & lesure magazine "Čemodāns", etc. Then if U need I can find some people from biggest travel&leasure companys to interview.
My advise for U is to come on January .. people will have more time to set up meetings than in end of December.
From your information I did not have a clear understanding what do you mean by business venture - creating a company in Latvia or just have some business contacts or contacts with tourism related mass media.
If it's the first, themn probably the website of Register of Enterprises ( ) would be useful for the overview. If the you are interested in meetings with some tourism agencies, it's probably the travel agent association ( ) that can recommend you some members or if it is mass media - , well we almost have no serious tourism related media that I can say you as a freelance journalist myself ;o)
Anyway - good luck, if you need some more info - welcome.
First of all I advice to stay not in capital city Riga, but some near bic city, for example my nativve city Jelgava who is only 42 km away from Riga and there is excellent connection with capital - by bus, train , minibus-only 45-55 mioniutes of way via fast highway or railway line. I can dvice also towns Sigulda (beautiful nature sights and medieval palace reuins and museums near (50 km from Riga) or Ogre town. Hotels in Riga are very expensive and sometimes there is lack of empty rooms there, but in Jelgva you can stay in 3 nice hotels with low prices and nice comfort. here is a link for example:
Look at prices:
Minibus ticket cost from Jelgava to Riga is only 1,50 Ls (I euro = 0.72 Ls).
What else are you interested exactly in?
It is also good news due of economic crisis in Latvia-prices are fallen, hotels and restaurants are rather empty and with more comfortable prices. If yOU have special questions ask me more.
Weather now in the 15th of December.
Snow and rather cold -8 to -15 C (MINUS CELSIUS). Dress warm, please!
About weather in Latvia look in this:

Best wishes! Bon voyage!
I think I can help you, but it would be much better to learn more details about purpose of your visit and more exact dates.
The best thing is the Internet. Via google or 1188. Good luck. The best newspaper is Diena. You can contact them.

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