Hi, I am hoping to visit your beautiful country early January. I work in Media & PR field, so during my visit I hope to explore...

...opportunities of setting up a business venture (Travel & Leisure etc), will you be able to help me with as to whom I should meet & what should I know? Thanx my no is 0094773635055. Regards, Santhush


Country: Romania


Hi Santhush,

My name is George and I work in tourism marketing, strategy and communication both for a county tourist board as well as for my own company. I live in one of the top 5 most touristic romanian destinations and I can introduce you to many people.

Let me know if you are interested in a meeting.

Please check my Localyte profile and tell me if something interests you and then I will come with more details and comprehensive plan for your travel, if you wish.
Hi Santhush,

I would be happy to set up some meetings with some knowledgeable and well connected tourism professionals. let me know if it's of any interest for you.

best regards,


I would be glad to help you with some contacts from Bucharest regarding Tourism Agencies, and any other information you may need!

I am open for a meeting in the beginning of january and if you want I can show you around Bucharest! It would be my pleasure

You have my contact details in my profile please feel free to contact me at any time for a detailed discussion!
Thank you for your nice opinion about Romania. I`m sure you already learned that you can find all forms of relief in Romania. It would literally be a gold mine for any tourism agency with a trusted name abroad, which could spread the word about its natural and wild beauty, and about its intensely mystical traditions. There is much to learn about diversity and life while visiting Romania. My name is Laura Sonea, 23 y.o. I`m a tourist guide and a student. I would be more than happy to help you out with your project with all my knowledge, relationships, friends and enthusiasm. :) Best regards!
hy...nice to see u have interest for my beautiful country Romania....i may be able to help u after 12 january about some agencys and interest in u will like me to help u just give a sign ...regards ...Criss
Hello .My name is Gabriel and I am 25. I can tell you I am a Tourism master student and I would be more than happy to meet up with you.I want to set up a business myself so will be more than willing to discuss further with you.

my cell no. : +40 751 81 90 76
Good morning Fernando. I am glad to hear that you will make some tourism in Romania therefore, Brasov is one of the most important destination from Romania, joining ski snowboarding, hiking, medieval touring, and many more.
is my adress please check my tours and be free to contact me if you need some assistance. Regards
I would be moire than happy to discuss options available for setting up a tourism business. Please feel free to contact me.
hello there i see that you already got some answers...if u come in bucharest let me know..i could help at least show you in january.take care
Hi !

I could help you with a list of contacts from various important travel agencies spread all over Romania.
In case you are interested, I can arrange through my agency exclusive experiences and events as well as leisure concierge services.

Best wishes,

Hello Fernando,

If you really want to start a business in Romania, first of all you have to see yourself with your own eyes the opportunities here. That`s mean, you have to travel in all different regions of Romania to have an idea about what are you looking for. From my personal point of view, the best thing is to set-up a farm stay cottage with various activities as horse riding, bird watching, slow food and an original wine & dine atmosphere in Transylvania. The old Saxon villages are the most required destination in Romania right now, HRH Prince Charles owns a few guest houses here too. Think about that too...
Best wishes, Istvan
Doriti sa infintati o Agentie de Turism in Botosani - Romania? Este regiune cu potential turistic ( zona Bucovina).
First of all, if YOU are interested in doing business in Romania, you don't have to ask people to call you. It is not fair to do this. It is your interest so you have to call others.
If you need help, I can give you some economical, touristical and cultural advices.
Ask exactly what you need and maybe I can help.

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