What do you know about "Al Bait Al Aud) another name for it is (Bait Al Maqham), and how many spring water available in Bausher...

...village (not willaiyat Bausher)? Will be answered back within 2 days


Country: Oman


Al Bait Al Aud “Kebir” (the Big /Great House) is as well called Bait Al Maqham. Is located at Al Maqham in old Bausher village in Muscat governorate, it is a 3 floor old traditional house made from mud, stones and ceiling woods. Build since more than 300 years back (13th Century in Islamic calendar”12xx H” or 17th century in Georgian calendar). Build by the Family of Al Syeda Thoraya Bin Mohammed bin Azan Al Said, she the cousin of Imam Qais (died in 1287 H), sometimes the house is called Bait Al Sayeda Thoraya .
The house was first renovated in 1991 by the government and it is now under renovation again. Entrance to this house will be after the renovation that may last for 1 or 2 month more.
The hot spring water’s tunnel is passing just to the left side of the house and there is a big tree in the front side where tourists can have shade and get a panoramic view of the Bausher Mountains.
There is 2 spring water in Bausher village, one is hot and the other is cold, the hot spring water is coming far from the mountains walking is the way to reach it. Where as the cold water spring is in the village but it is now covered by cement and blocks (not worth to see).
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8th Dec. 09

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