I plan to go Boston, MA and will be staying there for three days? Do I need to have a car to get around town?


City: Boston

State: Massachusetts

Country: United States


If you are going to be staying and travelling inside the city of Boston then you absolutely do NOT need a car. In fact, you'll probablly hate the fact that you have one if you get one. Boston has the oldest (and, in my opinion, best) subway system in North American. Riding the train (the "T") costs $1.75 per ride. There is also an extensive bus network. Good luck and I hope you love it there as much as I do!
As long as you're staying within Boston you're fine. Even if you decide to take a trip outside of town to one of the surrounding towns the T (subway) and Commuter rail is so amazing. Fares are $2.00 with a Charlie Ticket and $1.70 with a Charlie Card and almost every single time I've gone out in Boston a T station has always been nearby.
You will be much better off without a car...traffic, parking, it's just a mess with a car. Be sure to buy a T pass!
Not at all! Boston has an in-depth transportation system that runs on Green, Red, Blue and Orange line. There are also buses and cabs that run fairly regularly.

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