what is there to do in at louis,mo if you're a 9 yr old bou


City: Saint Louis

State: Missouri

Country: United States


St Louis has an excellent zoo. Admission is free, but there are some exhibits that have a charge to enter. Parking in the lots is not free, but there is parking on the street. The arch is, of course, a very nice place to visit and there is a nice museum at the base of the arch and you can go to the top of the arch also. There is a McDonalds boat on a riverboat close to the arch. You might consider a riverboat ride.The science center (in the same general area as the zoo) is excellent - currently has a dinosaur exhibit. There is a museum of transportation with many old train cars. The art museum has a mummy (always cool for a 9 year old). Magic House is a children's museum that might be aimed a bit young for 9, but has some parts that would be interesting to a boy of that age. The city museum is a very interactive place and kids really love it - lots to see and do, tunnels to climb through and explore, etc. Those should get you a good start. St. Louis is a great place to visit.
St. Louis has the City Museum which is an amazing place for kids as well as adults, lots of surprises there, and the secret is that it's not really a "museum", but more of a indoor/outdoor playground for all ages. There are tons of excellent skate parks in and around St. Louis. Also one of my favorite places is our zoo, one of the best in the world, and free to visit - I love the hippo pool there, because you can see how they swim underwater, and the new arctic exhibit with many breeds of penguins and other cold weather birds. There's the Science Center which currently houses a wonderful dinosaur exhibit as well as the Omnimax Theater with a large dome screen, and that's located next to Forest Park, a beautiful and historic park which also has an outdoor ice rink, canals with paddle boats, and bike rentals among other fun things. On the outskirts you'll find lots of cool places like Six Flags, a huge amusement park that's open in the warm months, with roller coasters, water rides and other fun things, and it also has its own water park open in the Summer. The Museum of Transportation mentioned by drland is one of my favorite places - it has the largest steam locomotive in the world as well as other historic trains, cars and all sorts of vehicles - kids can ride the mini-train there. The St. Louis Symphony has many concerts that are aimed at all ages, and right now for example they're playing all the movie music from John Williams (Superman, Star Wars, etc.) in a series of fall concerts.

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