I will be in Thailand for 3 days on my way to Europe. What can I see and do in such a short time? I will be staying near the airport.


City: Bangkok Metropolis

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


You could see any of the Bangkok tour sites - pick your poison. You will probably need to take a cab into town though. If you like history try locating the train station and get a day tour to Ayuthaya. If you like entertainment, numerous vans are waiting to take you on day tours of Pattaya. It's also easy to book bus tours from there - can take you to places like botanical gardens, zoos or even temples.
1st day: You take Airport Bus (Line 2) BangLamPhu (Khao San Rd), that's cheaper than taxi (if that's a point). The Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaeow), Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho) temples and the National Museum (if you are interested in history) are in the vicinity. After that take a River Express Boat to Rachawong Pier and walk Chinatown (busy market area with a couple of nice Cinese temples) for a while, have lunch ther in one of the many restaurants there.
In concluding your day take a taxi to Baiyoke tower (Bkk's highest building) and have dinner in the top restaurant.
2nd day: Take Airport Bus to the same place and hire a Longtail boat for touring the klongs on the Thonburi side. After that take the River Boat Express To Saphan Taksin pier and take the Sky train to Siam station, change into Sukumvit line and go up to Victory Monument. Go back the same way to Silom Rd. and take Airport Bus back.
3rd day; Shopping at MBK (Mah Boon Khong) and other Sopping centers in the vicinty (they are all connected by a skywalk).
hv a good time!
Heja - Is it your first trip to BKK? Are you M/F? Never mind ... 1st suggestion see plan and schedule from fellow Localyte Wilfried. 2nd if you dont feel assured strolling
around by your own, arrange a tourguide throu' your hotel for the first 2 days.
Enjoy your stay and nave fun!
Wilfred has the best ideas so far.....
You can also eat lunch in the fantastic food hall at MBK (top floor). I wouldn't bother with the victory monument though, I'd suggest a visit to the temple of the Dawn, and one evening take a dinner cruise on the river, a good one is Loy Nava, a converted old rice barge. take a look at :
I think the suggestions friend Wilfried gave you are pretty good. However, if you don't really like shopping and do some really fun activity, join Colors of Bangkok cycling trip.
It will bring you to places hardly visited by tourists and give you a totally different insight of Bangkok Metropolis. Check it out at .

Wishing you a pleasant stay.

Why dont you take a bit from all the suggestions as you have only 3 days You miht find to hot & bustling so I would suggest The Floating market it is very picturesque also pattaya can be good for a night out but really it is uo to your own taste all the other suggestions are good I think the bycle tour would be very different lol Have a fantastic time.
All suggestions are nice to do, so you have many choices but not many days to cover all :D
Have a good time, enjoy :)
If you stay near to airport that mean you already out of BKK. I would suggest you to take the bus to Pattaya beach it only take 2 hours by bus or rent a taxi. In Pattaya have everything that you can't imagine. You can stay one night there and come back to do shopping or do the tour for temple in Bkk. But I think that you will stay longer in Pattaya. Have fun and wishing you for good time. Well come the Thailand !!!!! If you like this idea so book a hotel from internet for Pattaya , you will get better deal than walk in.
Hello Opalz
Let me try for some more suggestions for you:-
Bangkok Art and Culture Center(Cool Art),
Evening of Food, Entertainment and Shopping At Suan Lum Night Bazaar,
Take a Boat Up the Chao Praya River, and if you are visiting over a weekend, I would recommend shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market with it's thousands of stalls.
Hope this gives you some more ideas?
Have fun while visiting here.
Really if you wanted to learn alot about Buddhism and Thailand go to the Grand Palace and get tour guide there be aware that you need to have suitable clothes on but also right next door is the forward palace or National museum go there in the morning and take the tour wow it is great and very educational about thai and Buddhism. Take the local express boat ride along the river up to the skytrain then go anywhere.
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Welcome to Thailand.


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