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we are coming for a week to ocho rios in january. we are interested in getting to know the country, or lets say the area around ocho rios. rafting and dolphins are nice activities , but have you got something to offer which shows more what jamaica is about? contact to locals would be nice too. we are 2 adults and a 13 y old youngster. we've been here before and been to the major attractions like Dunns River Falls and Blue Mountains already.


City: Ocho Rios

Parish: Saint Ann

Country: Jamaica


If you want to see real raw Jamaica then Kingston would be the place. while it does not have the sand like Ochi it is the centre of Jamaican culture and has many attractions such as the Bob Marley Museum, Port Royal and a host of other attractions that are just what I think you are looking for. Need more advice just email
Contact me @ I have the ideal tour in mind for you, ont that would give you a channce to experience the real jamaica. The tour would include an are that would offer you a breath taking view of Ocho Rios Bay, a drive through local villages, fern gully which is a rain forest etc. looking forward to hearing from you
There are many attractions that i can reccomend, get in touch with me at for details.
check out jamaicatourguide for more info on circle jamaica tours
Things are usually down after the Christmas locally but I suggest:
In and close to Ocho Rios
- Chukka Cove - ), Green Groto Caves, Seville Great House

The Jazz and Blues festival - Jan 24 - 30 usually in Montego Bay (2 hours away from Ocho Ros - But this year they may have mini events in Ocho Rios

Then there is Kingston (2 hours away again) you have
The National Panomime that would be running in Jan., Devon House - You can get some good locally made Ice-cream, the Bob Marley Museum, The Hope Botanical Gardens, Mineral (Healing Bath) in Rockfort
The Jamaica Tourist board has a program where by you can actually stay with a Jamaican family rather than in a hotel. If you want to see the real Jamaica thats my suggestion. Activities close to Ochi that locals partake in is Fri nights at Scotchies for jerk, Sundays beach and church. A quaint little town to visit outside Ochi is claremont its got lotsa history a small but nice market you can visit on a Fri and Sat and 9 miles is just up the road. If you rent a car you have so many opportunities to see the real Jamaica and meet the country folk. If you wish to visit Kingston though Id advise you take a tourbus.
you try montego bay its a wonder place to go need more advice just email
Not everything in Jamaica has to cost money.If you want to know the real Jamaica it's not in the big hotels you are going to find it.The rest of Jamaica is truly beautiful and so are the people.The best lesson you can teach your 13 year old is to show them how jamaican 13 year olds live in places like Spanish Town or anywhere in the countryside.I do a lot of work with youth and soccer in those areas
Hi, I am Wesley. I can help you with an interesting week in Ocho Rios and the environs. This will include a trip to Dolphin Cove, a drive to Frenchman Cove in Portland - it is beautiful!, while in Portland, we can go river rafting up the Rio Grande River - it is wonderful!!, spend an half day with the Mansfield Heights Basic School in a depress area of Ocho Rios, you can bring gifts for the kids if you want. There are about 50 of them. I do charity work with this school via my Youth and Family Development Foundation which is a registered jamaican charity. Can send their pics and you will love the time with the Jamaican children. I am sure that you will want to make more than one visit with them - 3-6 year olds, Horse back riding can be part of the schedule, and a visit to Mystic Mountain is a must - a new attraction in Ocho Rios!. You get up the mountain via cable cars and then enjoy some exciting go-karts at break-neck speed among other things. A dinner at a jamaican home can also be arranged along with more excitement and interactive activities with the jamaican people. Contact me at my facebook page or write me at . You can also call me at 876-399-1966 for more info.
If you Make contact with the Jamaica Tourist Board
There is a programme called meet the people which you get to go out and interact with the everyday Jamaican.

what date in january you will be in jamaica
The town i live in is called St. Ann's Bay, it's the capital of St. Ann, in this town we have a museum with artifacts from the Taino we lived here before Christopher Columbus came to shore and a bit of Jamaica's heritage. Marcus Garvey, Jamaica's first national hero house is still here standing you can visit that and there's a statue at the library where they have information about him.
There are other places to visit. If you like Jamaican history you can visit the Rio Neuvo Battle site in St. Mary and you can try rafting on the White River which borders St. Mary and St Ann.

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