Hello everyone in Czech Republic! Can anybody kindly advise is there a chance to find a normally-paid job in Prague for a Russian...

...citizen (no Czech laguage) ? I am going to study there for 2 years and really need to earn my living. The problem is that I don't have any permission to work on EU territory (as Russia is not in EU), and student visa doesn't allow to work enough hours... thank all those who answer in advance!


Country: Czech Republic


Hello Anastasia

You have indeed asked a very interesting question.

There are many Russians in CZ so I am sure that there are ways. I'm not sure about the language aspect though. There are a few things that I can do to possibly help you out. Give me a couple of days.

What will you be studying and when do your studies start?

Kind regards

Hello, Mark,
Thanks a lot for such a prompt answer! It ıs an MBA program (general course). If all goes well I start October-November 2010. Of course everythıng depends, so I begin probing the ground already now :) My present work ıs ın hospıtality/hotels, but I would agree to any other. Main point ıs full-time, so that salary could cover living costs (my study program takes only weekends) .... hmmm... Reading all aforesaid looks really not easy :)
Hi Anastasia,
as far as I can recomend you a job I guess there are good possibilities for foregin citizens to get a job as a teacher of your language.. My US friend taught here for a year and you can earn enough to live well.. I just think you´d need aproved visa.. I guess it is not a problem for russian citizens to get it. I am a czech citizen so if you´d need my help feel free to contact me..
good luck and regards
Thank u, Mirek! )

There are many opportunities for people speaking both Russian and English. Feel free to contact me directly for verbal advice on this. Otherwise, good luck!

+420 777 981 292

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