Hi, I want to buy a cheap sony compact camera when I land in Prague. I want to know a couple of shops I can visit to get a good price...

...and not pay tourist prices. It would be good if the shops have web pages so I can do some research before I arrive as well. Thank you.


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


Hi Mark

Nice to see you on line again.

Regarding your cunning plan to purchase a camera here in Prague.....

What you will find is that the prices for electrical goods are pretty much amortized though Europe.

However, as you mentioned the idea of searching for one on the net before you get to Prague then that is the way to go. What we do, is find an item in the shops Datart being quite a good one, then we will search for that model number on

From this list you will straight away see how the prices vary and if you then go to the contact page of the site 'Kontakt' in Czech you can see if they are in Prague.

I would be happy to assist you further if you feel the need.

In my opinion it is not the finding of a place to purchase from that's the difficult part but more the making the choice of camera in the first place. For this I would highly recommend

Good luck


agree with Mark - datart is a good bet also try foto skoda
don't expect a bargain price though
The equivalent of is , where you can make all researches you want....
For the best prices for Hi-fi, camera and so, have a look to or .
Have a good time in Cz


Out of curiosity, were you successful? What did you end up purchasing, and if not then why not?

Please inform.


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