I'm Australian. How easy is it to get citizenship in Hungary?


Country: Hungary


Hi! I think it's very easy..You should have only a few things to be hungarian :) some informations:
Hey! it is not so difficult we do not have too many regulations ... here we go ..

the procedure is the below:

1. must live in Hungary for at least 8 years as an expat with residence permit (for this usually must work with a valid work permit).
2. must have clean criminal records
3. must have a living and accomodation in Hungary
4. the nationalization shall not be against the interests of Hungary
5. must take an exam on constitution in Hungarian language.

i think all in all, it is not so easy. but there are favoured cases, such as:

one may apply for citizenship in Hungary after 3 years of living in Hungary if:

- having at least three years legal marriage with a Hungarian citizen
- has a minor child that is a Hungarian citizen
- was adapted by a Hungarian citizen
-Hungary has recognized the person as a refugee

After one year living in Hungary, one may apply for citizenship if the person has at least one Hungarian ancestor and the person states his Hungarian nationality.

i hope this was helpful for you

As George answered to you bellow, to get a Hungarian citizenship is not going easily, you must fill up some internal regulations. First of all, you must live in Hungary for at least 8 years with residence permit , then must have a permanent living and accomodation in the country and as in Switzerland, you must have to take an exam from the knowledge of the country and citizenship..:-) Good luck !
Very easy?Haha...its not the way why do u wanna get hungarin citizenship? :) Hungary sucks lately...try to apply for chinese citizenship,China has the future. But I think australian citizenship is also good. :)

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