I want to move from Australia to Finland. How easy is it to find a job? What is the price of a bottle of milk? What is the crime like?...

...What is the best city to live in? How easy is it to get residency in Finland? What is the medical system like?


Country: Finland


Currently the jobs are hard to find even for Finns but if you work on IT there could be a good chance.

The milk is sold here in cardboard boxes containing 1 or 2 litres of milk. One litre is a little over 1 euro.

Finland is quite safe country. Even so safe that you can leave your car unlocked in some places tough I wouldn't recommend it in larger cities.

Getting Finnish residency is a little bit trickier thing. First of all you have to be over 18 years and have a permanent income here in Finland. Then you have to prove you can speak, read and write either Finnish, Swedish or Finnish sign language.

If you are Finnish resident you get almost free medical care i.e you pay something under 100 euros/year for medical care depending on the county where you live.

The best city to live in is very hard to recommend. Of course it is my hometown, if you ask me:-) Do you want to live somewhere a little bit warmer or maybe somewhere where you can experience the nightless night and vice versa? Finland is long and narrow country so there are many options.
here you can find all the information you need!

Have fun

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