Hi everyone were going to Melbourne next January and would like to know some interesting things to do , not usual touristy spot . thanx


City: Melbourne

State: Victoria

Country: Australia


Melbourne is quite unique. It has a very diverse culture, its busy and it has the highest crime rate than any other city in Australia. Its a city that you would have to be very careful when going out at night. I think its the only city that is on the news at least weekly for shootings, stabbings and more. Travel during the day and stay to the tourist areas. Dont get too friendly with anyone.
Hi . . I am a local living and residing in Melbourne the past 28 years and as you can read from my profile no 1 in Australia for providing helpful and friendly answers

If I can be of any assistance to you in showing you my beaituful city ( please ignore the comments of the previous person answering your questions clearly they are someone who has never ever been inside of Melbourne before and have no idea what they are talking about and I have reported them - even my other fellow Localyte Matt Halloran is more professional and would not resort to writing such idiotic comments about another state or town !).

are there any particular area of interest that you are intersted in and what type of holiday are you wanting or expecating to have besides the NON Touristy . . . if you can get back to me I can and will provide you directly with my e-mail and you may correspond with me privately and directly ! I can possibly help you plan your trip a little more as I am already doing the same for anotehr friend coming from the states in Februray / March

kind and sincerest regards


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