hope bulgaria is a lovely place 4 vacation?

pls try n contact me


City: Sofia

Province: Pernik

Country: Bulgaria


Hi.Bulgaria is good place for rest and vacation!
Tell us what you interested in exactly!
Yes it is!
Sure, depends on what you are looking for. Sightseeing, historical places, mountain tracking - it's great. We are not famous for the good service, though.
Yes, it is a lovely place for many types of relaxation. For more info try:
Yes, it's a lovely place!!!
First of all and foremost I beg your pardon for my dealy.
Yes, Bulgaria is perfect place for a holiday any time of year. There are some "surprisses" of course, but those make the time more interesting and more stories to tell friend. Don't hesitate come and visit whenever you like.
Have a great holiday.
Best regards,
Sorry for the late reply! :)
First of all,I have to tell that being on lots of different,distand places,out of Bulgaria has given me rich view of what is a good place to take a rest,to travel,to visit.
So, about my country-
if you really want to taste a little of some special mixture of balcan,a little orient,the new wave of the west,and after all...bulgarian cuture-here is the place-mountains,forests,seasies,nightlife,clutural experience,historical places,ancient remnants,Byzantine,Romans..
What are you looking for?

All the best,
see you soon in Bulgaria! :)

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