I will be coming to Nikko for 2 nights, in a week. I am looking for onsen recommendation, ryokan recommendations, dining and hiking...

...advice. Thanks!


City: Nikko

Prefecture: Tochigi

Country: Japan


Nikko tourist info and guide

I know a nice hiking route for family、take the bus to Oku-nikko and get off at the last bus stand, Nikko Yumoto (日光湯元)。

Advise, its cold here at Nikko 4C max and 0C min. Prepare some warm cloth for outdoor activities.
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You can visit to Nikko Ryokan Union URL English site:

I recommend you this Ryokan. I went to this Ryokan several years ago. It was very fantastic and very tasty food accommodation.

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If you are travelling soon, you will be up against numerous domestic travellers who reserved long ago in the hope that the autumn colours would be in bloom around now.

If you can't speak or read Japanese, go to the tourist offices in either the Metropolitan Gov't HQ in Shinjuku or Kokusai Forum in Yurakucho because there are services to assist with reservations in English.

If you can speak and read Japanese, have a look at the places available on

Remember, to find a place encompassing all the things you requested will cost upwards of ¥25-30,000 per person at this time of year.

Have fun on your travels.

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