Can I us dollars in SA?


City: Cape Town

Province: Western Cape

Country: South Africa


Some of the Major hotels will take foreign currency, but you will have to use Rands.
You cant use $$ on the street and would need to exchange them anywhere before you spend.
When u arrive in South Africa, at the airport u can exchange your
dollars into rands. They will ask for your flying ticket and your
passport. But u can also use travellers cheques.
Most certainly you can bring US Dollars to South Africa providing you exchange them for ZARands before you attempt to pay for anything. As indicated below, most prominent hotels can assist you with this, but normally at a less than favourable exchange rate.

All our main banks (Absa, FNB, Standard bank, etc) have Bureau's de Change where you can expedite changes at market rates.... also at the airport when you arrive. Just remember to have your passport on hand and not to bring single US$ note along.

In all, its much better and safer to simply place your funds in an appropriate bank account and withdraw Rands with your Visa Card from any ATM as and when you need them.

Enjoy your vistit to South Africa.
You can exchange dollars either at the airport when you first arrive or at any bank but will need to use South African Rands for general purchase in shops and restaurants. Many of the larger hotels however will accept dollars and be able to exchange them for Rands but the rates are not usually the best.
You must change your dollars to South African Rands
You cant use your real dollars in S.A but with travellers cheques you can do almost evrything you want here in S.A. Other surrounding countries like Zimbabwe are using dollars as a currency if you happen to visit there but otherwise here in S.A any bank will change your currency into rands and if you use Standard Bank they will arrange they give you a card as hard cash for you as you travel.
Yes you can, but not everywhere.It is advisable to exchange your US Dollar to SA cuttency at the airport or major banking institutions. Also advisable to either use a credit card or travellers cheques and do not carry huge amounts of cash on you.
Trust this answers your questions.
You can use US dollars in certain hotels, but for most exchanges you will need Rands. Banks and Foreign Exchanges charge a small percentage for this.
Hi Timvan,
You will not be able to use it in shops, but most hotels will accept it. Their rate will not be good. It is much better to change it to SA Rands at the airport or any foreign exchange shops. You will find these in all the cities and most of the larger towns.
No,you will have to ge exchange your dollars at a foreign exchange outlet at nearest point.I would recommend you only echanging the dollars if it is a large amount as there are lots of small charges involved with exchanging the money.

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