Do my Ancester's town still exist and where do I go to do research?

My GG.grandmother Anna Rosnizek born in 1836 in Janska Hut #6. Married Frank Zeug B Aug. 1837 in Strasshutte # 5. They married Feb. 6,1877 in Waldorf (Eisendorf). My G.grand mother Katharina Zeug B. April 4, 1861 in Janska hut # 4. She married Georg Tuchner and they came to Minnesota on August 9, 1884. The Tuchner shows up in Wasserau, but where can I research all of this?


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


Hello Shirley

I will forward this information to my contact and let you know as soon as I hear from him.

Right now he is traveling, actually to London but I will see him next Monday when he is on his way home via Prague airport.

No promises but we'll see what we can find out for you.

Kind regards

ok, now i try the 3rd time to post this: johanneshütte/janska hut exists only as a field name anymore. it became part of mostek/schwanenbrückl which is nowadays a part of rybnik nad radbuzou/waier, about 1 hour from plzen, near domazlice/taus. i think mostek only contains of 1 or 2 houses nowadys due expulsion of the sudenten germans after ww2 and the communist times after when it was border region.

you can find out more in the archives of the western bohemia region in plzen or in the archives of the cadastre register in klatovy. if searching for your ancestors you need to know, that for sometime, schwanenbrückl was part of the parish region mutterndorf/mutenin. good for you, almost all registers are available:

or try and ask those guys, i got almost all the information from their page. i can see both names on the index, rosnitschek and zeug.

Hi, very difficult question...
this is a web page with disapeard villages .. Janska hut is there with 3 pictures... maybe try to contact the web master. good luck. Zdenek
To Heino Kaestner,

Thank you for your reply to my posting. I only speak
English so it is difficult to search for information.

Shirley Tuchner - Kresko

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