How do I find a good deal on a house/flat/apartment/room for long term rental (5 months - December - April) in South Lake Tahoe?

Additionally: - are there good/bad/best parts in town? - which neighborhoods/locations are awkward for someone w/o car - no supermarket/public transport/big distances - which neighborhoods are best for night life? Would you recommend living in these areas? - and whatever other hints on the region Cheers!


City: South Lake Tahoe

State: California

Country: United States


I would do a search for long term rentals and maybe look at . Stay as close as you can within South Lake Tahoe or Stateline. These two cities are right next to each other and are served by public transportation. I'm assuming you are working at one of the resorts for the ski season? Most of the area is fairly affluent, so there are no really "bad" neighborhoods. The best nightlife is in Stateline, where the casinos are located and maybe in Tahoe City on the West Shore. If you can borrow or have a car for a while, it would be beneficial, then you can explore more of the area. SLT has a few bike trails, and locals bike to work, too. If you can also stay into the summer, that would be great. The hiking and water sports during the summer are fantastic.

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