Can one kitesurf in Nosara?

Hi, I'm a relatively experienced kitesurfer, coming to Nosara over the New Year mainly for pure surfing ;-) but just wondering if it's worth bringing my kitesurf gear... What sort of wind conditions are there at this time of year? Do you think there's a decent chance of roughly half the days having 12knots or more for at least a couple of hours, and not 100% offshore? Also there nasty currents/rips etc to watch out for? Appreciate any advice you could give me. Many thanks. Marc ( London, England


City: Nosara

Province: Guanacaste

Country: Costa Rica


I've heard THE place in Costa Rica for Wind Surfing (is this the same as Kite Surfing) is Lake Arenal. & the best time of year is December-April

Hotel Tilawa ( / / / 2-695-5050 / )
Is a hotel that specializes in this activity!!

(sorry I don't have info on Nosara)
HI... loook whit sunny days the best place for the kitesurfing is lake arenal.
In this page ypou can see more inrformation about it:
About Nosara i leave you this page:
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I have this information for you.

If the wind is strong enough during December and april you can do Kitesurfing. And if you need to come up in the air you can go flying with the gyro´s from the Flying Crocodile. Enjoy your vacations
The winds are predominantly offshore in January, sometimes pretty strong... Which of course is generally not so good for kitesurfing. However, there are several beautiful bays here in the Nosara area & it is overall an incredible place for an experienced kitesurfer. The answers about Lake Arenal being the Mecca of kiting & windsurfing in CR is correct... Nosara is a bit of a Mecca for surfing that time of year. If you need anything else for your trip let us know:
Nosara may be good for surfing, the places for world class wind surfing are Lake Arenal, on the Western side(Towards Tilarán) and Salinas Bay, North-West in the province of Guanacaste; specialy between December-March.

You may contact they have all the info you may need.

you may contact me any time if you are looking for some river adventure, rafting or kayaking while in Costa Rica, have a good time.

Roberto Cacho
To answer your question directly regarding Nosara/Guiones, the answer is yes. My roommate has his gear here, and you should see the Guanacaste winds blowing in that time of year every day. They typically blow straight offshore, but you can also go to the bay of Garza, which faces another direction and have more of a sideshore blow. But yes, the winds are consistent that time of year from our trade winds. You can cruise by our office and see me if you need any other help while here. We're right next to Banco Popular.
Awesome, thanks Andrew that's very helpful, just what I needed to know (and tks to everyone else who replied..) Will probably stop by to say hi when I get to Nosara (arriving 27 Dec), and maybe see if your room mate wants to go kitesurfing sometime with me...
doutful, but if you havre extra space, bring it, normally its offshore that time of year..later in season, april maybe stronger side on shores...
in not really sure abuot how is the wind in nosara, but if you want to do some kitesurfing you should visit bahia salinas in la cruz guanacaste there is is preety good winds
Off shore winds pick up especially strong in North Western Costa Rica(Guancaste) from the end of November until March. The famous 'Alisios' or North-Easterlies' which can blow up to 30-50 knots!! Your best bet for kite surfing is by far Lake Arenal.
Definitely during that time of the year, the best option in Arenal Lake.
the wind will be offshore, the only location for kiting in onshore wind is bahia salinas, appr. 4 hours north of your location close to a town called la cruz. i have been living there for 9 years now and we run kiting and other activities there.
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