How do I get from Ezeiza to Downtown? Is there any public service?


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


yep you take a bus , number 8, and get off in congresso area...or further if you want , downtown, good luck!,
Hi, Ezeiza it´s very far from the city, there´s a few buses to come to the city but take like 3 hours. The better way it´s by taxi. It´s coast $100 or USD26.
You can take a bus to the Trainstation and you go to Constitucion o take a bus (the 8) but im not shure . Good luck
Hi! you can take one of the Manuel Tienda Leon shuttle buses to Buenos Aires that run everyday from the airport. The one-way fare is $45 (US$ 12). Hope this has helped.
If you wanna take a bus, number 86. Its a long trip and you will need coins to take it. You can get off in congresso square. If you need more information, send me a email: email. Take care.
You take bus nº 8. It goes all across the city and takes you to Plaza de Mayo.It´s super cheap.
hi there, public service yo got the bus 8, but its a long long trip, and if you have bags and big things its better to take a taxi, or a remis, its the same of taxis but some times its cheaper, some times there are mini bus that take you to down town, and yo got buses that go directly to down town, if you got any questios rwite me back, email.. hope you have a great time here, and un the city you got a lot of things to do and visit, if youy got any other question, write me back, take care, good trip

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