I'm looking for Buenos Aires' locals willing to offer the best BsAs-made cool and original activities. Anybody out there? Weird tours,...

...alternative life, city adventures, etc., all welcome.


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


hi! i'll pass you a site, baxpats, that a cool site where you can find anything! have fuan and enjoy! buenos aires, cheers
December 11, 19 hs.
Intervention #02 by Mundo Dios
Room 304 - Shana Elmsford

Readings Gay Encyclopedia
authors: Ignacio D´Amorey Mariano López
Editorial Sudamericana

15 litros Art Gallery
Verónica Romano

Hotel Bonito Buenos Aires
Chile 1507 3 floor (1100)
Montserrat, Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Hi! My name is Julieta and I'm on an English teaching course. I'd like to know a bit more of what you do. I've been a kind of tour guide a couple of times (tried to at least lol). Hope to hear from you soo,
Hi Ariel, how are you?? When are you arriving? Buenos Aires is an amazing city and the options are endless depending on what you have in mind. You can take a trip around the river of Tigre by ship or if you want to do some excercise by kayak. Very close to the city you have the option of climbing in rock. If you are looking for alternative theatre have theatre made by blind people where you just hear and smell as the place is in total darkness. Also there are some amazing discos to go out at night really different one to each other.The list of things is endless as I told you before...if you want more info, you can write me to email. com. Have a great tripppppp!! Mariela
Hi Ariel
We have to offer you an half day sightseeing
We'll pick up you at midday, to travel 100km out from BA, carrying snacks and drinks, then with a towing system we get hight -300/400mts- in a biplace tandem paraglider, then release and fly free to the landing feald. The cost of them is u$s 90 *pax.
Please call me any time at +54911 50210595
Best Regards

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