I have a visit visa for Dubai. Will I be allowed to apply for jobs when I'm there?


City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates


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My understanding is that the UAE is like most other countries in this region whereas if you travel there on a tourist visa you are not allowed to work. However this does not prevent you from applying for jobs while you are there on holiday.
If you are successful in obtaining an employment offer your prospective employer will have to make the necessary arrangements for a work permit and residents visa..

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under the Visit visa you are not allowed to work in the UAE, if caught working you can be fined heavily and deported. Having said that you can apply for jobs and there isnt any restriction on that. Once you have the offer from a particular company, they will have to arrange for an work visa for you. I want to cite sumthing from too:
" It is quite common for people to work in Dubai on a visit visa - and sometimes for many months, especially if a company wants to avoid the hassle and cost of processing a visa while a worker is on probation. The authorities occasionally crack down on this and deport people working without visas (with a visit to the police departure lounge on the way).

Another trap some people fall into is to state a profession on the visa different to what they really do. Small discrepancies are unlikely to be a problem eg Teacher vs Lecturer but claiming to be a Businessman is usually a red flag if you dress like a laborer and don't have any business cards with you, as some have found out - the consequence can be deportation and blacklisting. "
Yes, as Chris just answered. You can apply, but you're not legally allowed to work. However most professionals work with the company, and have the visa transfer process happening at the same time, very common, as the process takes time. Transferring the visa status is easy, usually involves exiting into a neighboring country and re-entering, and sometimes not! You'll find out once it's done. All the best with ur job and ur travel in Dubai.
yes , sure you can
yes you will be allowed to apply for jobs here in UAE. The rules and regulations of the country are weird however they are not strict if you follow it. Alot of people follow the same approach which you are doing. They come on visit visa and apply for jobs. During their visit if they are able to get a job then they submit the following papers for labor approval.
1). Passport copy
2). Academic papers
once the following papers are submitted it is on the company whether they allow you to start ur work asap or wait till your labor approval is issued. Labor approval takes approx 3 weeks of time. Lets suppose your labor approval is also issued with in ur stay then you don't need to exit the country and come back you can simply pay AED 500 and get immigration stamp from any of the immigration office with in the country.
you would be able to apply for jobs and if you're fortunate and you get a job,by contract they will do the necessary actions for a visa.

good luck
Yes you are allowed to apply.

If you are approved for a job a resident visa will be made by the company to make it legal and that usually require you to go out of UAE for a couple of days then get in again with the new visa.
Hi there! I came to Dubai on visit visa 4 years ago. If you will check out the classified ads in Gulf News, you will see there companies looking for applicants on visit visa, that means applying for a job while on visit visa is being tolerated...make sure that you have with you an authenticated documents like transcript of records, diploma and other certificates as part of your credentials. This will help you find a better job.

hope this helps...goodluck!

yes u will be able to apply but u wont be able to work legally unless that company sponsores you which will require you to leave the UAE and come back with a residency /work visa
As far as I know, you can apply. Once you are selected for the job, your employer should arrange to make a residence visa with which you also have more priveliges.
sure you can

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