Hello everyone.. I am badly needing your suggestions or advice.. Do you which is better, to study in Central London (St. Patricl's...

...International College) or in Birmingham (Birmingham Graduate School)? and which of the two has bigger job opportunities? hope to hear from you soon. I need to make a decision before Nov. 3, 2009..


City: London

Constituent state: England

Country: United Kingdom


Hi there.
Not easy question as Credit crunch is affecting UK very bad.
Taking that London is more expensive but in terms of job availability is better.
Birmingham is the second largest UK city so you cannot go wrong in that.
Either way you will have better choice than a smaller city in any of those choices.
Now you have to take into account that study in London is going to be more expensive that B'ham.
How long for will you be there? You can then get a part time job while studying.
Any way I wish you the best luck in the world to conquer UK.
Hi Manuel, thanks for your really help me a it easy to get a part time job in London? are the streets not that confusing? and is it easy to get an accommodation for 1 person (1 room with a bathroom and toilet) that cost 280 pounds or less per month? are you also living in Central London?
London is loads more fun than Birmingham!
ok Jane..I'll take that as an advantage for London..thank you for your time..=)
Jennifer Hi, Both are excellent cities! Number 1 and 2 in the Uk and London is one of the best Cities in the world- you will find everything in London- the City never sleeps! i would ask the universities what accommodation facilitiers they have as they are often provide discounted rooms / flats / accommodation. there are more jobs in London than anywhere else- but cost of living and travelling is higher than Birmingham! There are many jobs available to Students which is normally with a gauranteed minimum wage of about £5/hr. if you work 16 hours / week then Birmingham maybe a more cost effective solution? You will find rooms for £70 / week in both cities- but in London that may not be of a very high quality / good area? In Birmingham you will get more for your money! Good luck and be sure to accommodation details from the Universities!

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