Where is the best area near the city to see the northern lights?


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It is only question of getting away from the city lights. Around 20 km from Reykjavík centrum on the way to Nesjavellir the geothermal power plant in the direction east from Reykjavik. It must be clear sky and lower temperature (under 0). Good luck to you. There is no guarantee for seeing the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) but at the right wheather condition you can be sure you will see them.
Dear Danny,

I've done about 200 northern lights tours in 22 years and I recommend Þingvellir, the Parliament Plains. The place is less than one hour away from Reykjavik. The reason why that place is best is because there are no electric lights to be seen in a northerly direction from there.

I recommend that you do a northern lights tour from Reykjavik. There are several companies that offer such service and they monitor the lights before departure. This means they will not go if there is no chance of seeing the lights. This also means you do not pay if there is no chance to see the lights. If however, there is a chance to see the lights but you do not see them, you can go another night and get 50% discount.

The large tour operators with the large busses offer really inexpensive trips, indeed they cost less than the fuel for a 4x4 vehicle wold cost for the distance covered.

Once you are here you'll see the northern lights tours advertised at hotels, guesthouses, youth hostels and information centers.

Of course I can offer you a private tour but if you are on a small budget and if you are travelling alone it would not be a viable option. If you are interested in a private tour you can contact me on -
Am I going to need a 4 X 4 to get to Þingvellir?
No, you don't need a 4x4 to get to þingvellir, except it's snowing.
Hello Danny.

One of the best place in Iceland to see the northern lights is at the lake Myvatn in the north. You can choose from walking around in the dark city (Dimmuborgir, Very unique place) or relax in the nature baths of myvatn in late evening and watch the lights there.

Best regards Trausti,
Anywhere out of electric lights. Clear sky is a must and the forecast for the lights are to be found here:

Special Northern lights tour have the tendency to be a complete ripoff and a waste of time.
"Where is the best area near the city to see the northern lights?"

The easiest way to check is to drive to the Grotta area. It is the north peak of Reykjavik and it is just out side the city lights. It is also the most costless solution to find out if the lights are in view.

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