where to have dinner with Sichuan food?


City: Beijing

Municipality: Beijing

Country: China


There are many Sichuan restaurants in Beijing, and all over China. Sichuan food is one of the most popular cuisines in China, and Sichuan influenced dishes can be found in almost every restaurant. If you want to find a great Sichuan restaurant near where you will be staying, it would be best to ask your host, or the front desk of your hotel to recommend a good one nearby.
There are lots of Sichuan Cuisine restaurant in Beijing, i.e. Huangcheng Laoma, Chongqing Restaurant, Sichuan Restaurant, Laocheng Yiguo, etc etc. Actually, like what Mr. Brad Coleman said, Sichuan Cuisine is the most popular cuisine in Beijing, in China, so you could find Sichuan Cuisine restaurant on almost every street.

The following are the most well-known dishes:

辣子鸡丁 (Là Zǐ Jī Dīng)
Hot spicy diced chicken. Green peppers and boneless chicken in a hot gravy.

宫保鸡丁 (Gōng Bào Jī Dīng)
Hot spicy diced chicken. Red peppers, boneless chicken with roasted peanuts in a hot gravy. (usually not quite as spicy as Lazi Jiding)

辣子鸡 (Là Zǐ Jī)
Really spicy, deep fried, bite sized chunks of chicken including bone. Often so much bone that there is not much meat content left, but varies from place to place.

水煮鱼 (Shuǐ Zhǔ Yú)
Whole fish sliced and boiled in a very spicy oil and water mix with red chillis. Chillis are usually fished out of the soup mixture at your table before you start eating.

In agreement with the other posts: you'll find Sichuan food everywhere in Beijing. A cheap and popular choice is at the Sichuan Government offices in Beijing: just inside the 2nd ring road at Jianguomen. Restaurant is called 川办餐厅 (chuan ban canting) - most people know it. More info at (you can run through Google Translate). It's cheap too.

Pricer, yet more comfortable / trendy chains you'll see everywhere include 沸腾鱼香 (fei teng yu xiang) and Spicy Town (麻辣诱惑 ma la you hou).
To have Sichuan cuisine in Beijing, I recommend the Yu Xiang Ren Jia (渝乡人家) on chunxiu lu next door to the April's Shop and the Sichuan Huiguan at Houhai area.

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