Hi everybody! My name is Nataly and I'am from Moscow, Russia. We are going to spend a week in Levi and drive there by cars. Can...

...somebody advise where can we stay after the boarder (hotel, motel) and how is the road up to the North. There will be 14 of us and 2 children. Thank you beforehand for the info.


Country: Finland


Hi Nataly!

Generally the main roads in Finland are in very good condition, some smaller roads might have some bumbs on the way, but nothing too bad, in my opininion. Of course now is the winter time, so good winter tyres are advisable (and actually mandatory right now in Finland)

Would be easier to advice you, if you tell, what route you are going to drive to Levi.
Enjoy your holiday.

or a bit cheaper option...

those hotels have branches all around finland so you should be able to find a suitable one for you..

Like Virve said, snowtires are mandatory in Finland and the roads are covered in snow.. even in south Finland at the moment..

I've driven to Levi a few times and the roads have always been in pretty good shape, except one time when we had a huge snowstorm and the drive from helsinki that usually takes 12 hours took us closer to 20 hours :)

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