I'm traveling to Sneek and then Amsterdam for 5 days this November-- what are the definite must sees for my boyfriend and I? We love... eat interesting food and we could walk for miles, so outside activities are golden!


City: Amsterdam

Province: Noord-Holland

Country: Netherlands


Sneek is only a 20 minutes train ride and possibly 35 with a car given de density of the traffic these days in that region however, once U R in A'dam walking should be peanuts for yr rather robust limbs I can safely assume for walking around and within central Amsterdam is the best way to uncover the many haunts on a wide variety of great kitchens, inexpensive unless you plan to take the more upper level culinary taste that is as wide ranging too.
20 minutes?! Amsterdam - Sneek (or vice versa) takes 3 hours.
you could also go to the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, it's not very far away from Amsterdam and you could walk there for hours while you can enjoy the beautiful nature. Also there ar some fancy but cozy restaurants out there so you could please your culinar self aswell.
If you do not wish to walk the best way to see amsterdam is with this 2 persons bike taxi that takes you to all the canals and streets where no cars can go.
The drivers speak fluent english and are expert of the city. If you need to know more contact me at
Despite the answers already given. Consider seeing Amsterdam the Dutch way, rent a bike at Mc Bikes and roll around our capital! Have fun!

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