Hi. my wife and I will be cruising around Australia on the Diamond Princess this Feb we depart Sydney. Can you recommend a reasonably...

...priced hotel to stay that isn't too far from the port, yet is also close to a nice part of town where we can walk around - sorta the tourist spot. we will arrive Sat am and depart Sun evening.


City: Sydney

State: New South Wales

Country: Australia


Hi and thanks for your question

unfortunately for myself I'm actually a local in Melbourne and not Sydney so I am not too familair with Budget and or reasonbly prices accommodations that I could refer you to

however I have provided below some links to our most common accommodatons sites that may have a deal or two for you to have a look at and book directly with and through them - if that would be of any assistence to you

If you were coming to Melbourne I would be able to assist you more fully and if I can help or provide you with any more answers or solutions please feel free to contact me again

kind and sincerest regards



the link BELOW is an airline carrier but they have a link to some hotels to check out that may also offer some specials for you

Thanks for the hotel info. we're docking in Melbourne on Feb 23. arriving at 8:00 am and departing at 6:00 pm. Do you have any suggestions for shore excursions?

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