Is there any wakeboarding available in Negril?


City: Negril

Parish: Westmoreland

Country: Jamaica


Negril is know for the place where you can enjoy a true Jamaican Vocation an yes
Jet skying water skying and wakeboarding is available , anywhere in negril you stay you can enjoy those facilities
Hi, i only know of waterskying and jetskying, no wakeboarding
Hi, there sure is. One of the best places to experience it is at Beaches, Negril. You can contact them through their website for more.
Not sure what wakeboarding is... but for sure jet skying, water skying, sailing and wind surfing are all available in Negril.
Negril has a lot but the water there not much for waves ,for sure not surfing or wakeboarding . but it is a wonderful beach....
bring your board, and its on dude! 876 361 1692
Negril is not the place for wakeboarding. Further on the south coast is better and you best link up with the surfing fraternity for boarding in St. Thomas and Portland waters. Try a seadoo 255hp in Negril and then a twister at Rick's and you'll not need a board or a wave.
Wakeboarding is not very popular here but a few entities offer. You may try properties that offer lots of water sports activities. These include
Beaches Negril
Sandals Negril (If you travel as a couple)
Riu Tropical Bay and Riu Negril.

Have fun.
ummmmmmmmmm im not sure its not something ive heard of befpre... sorry, but if it happens in jamaica it will def happen in negril as everything goes on in negril!!! happy wakeboarding when u get there
I have seen people wakeboarding in Negril,some of the all inclusive have it and I've seen a Mastercraft boat around.If you have your own wakeboard you will have more options

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