Does anybody know if it is possible to legally export tuica to other EU countries? I am currently in Maramures and would like to take...

...10 litres of home produced tuica back to the UK. Is there any way I can officially pay the duty here and receive documentation to show customs officials in the UK and elsewhere en route. Thanks in advance for any advice. Basil Brooks


Country: Romania


I do'nt know!!!!!
Not very helpful
As far as i know, you can take 1 or 2 liters of alcohol with you... But i don't know what to say about 10 liters... can be considered that you want to sell it abroad and is not quite good for you... but i am not an expert about this... Good luck! :)
From what I understand..the answer is NO. There is really no "legal" way to transport tuica. Not 10 litres anyway! The best answer I can give you is to pack it well in your luggage and hope for the best.:) The worst they can do is confiscate it. I have traveled with 2 or 3 litres wrapped carefully in my suitcase and didn't have a problem.

Hope it helps!
hello... unfortunately .. i don't think you can ... i know in hand bagage you can take i litre of liquid but in 10 containers .. so no more than 1oo ml per container the other bagage i know you can take 1 bottle .But they don't check every time your luggage .. and if you are lucky they won't see it ... But in case they see you have to throw away everything . HAVE A NICE DAY!
Dear Basil,

I suggest you to check this link and if you do not find exactly what you need just give them a call.

It is better to prevent an unpleasant situation.

In case you can not take more than 3 litres your friends/hosts here could send you the rest of tzuica via DHL or some other similar service (of course the costs will be higher).

Best regards,
Thanks for the web address, haven't found the answer there yet but a friend suggested I visit the local border police in Sighet
It is possible to take tons of tuica if you have a company that have the right to import it and if there is a Romanian company that has the right to export it to you.
As a private person, please check the custom service near you in Baia Mare, and find out how much tuica you can take with you without any other official papers.
Hope this helps.
Ted Rocafeller
hy...i would say is not aloud to take so many litres in the plane ....try with 2 botles of 2 litres not by hand luggage ...and i think everythink can be ok better to send by post another 2 bottles of 2 litres and like that u will gonna take almost all litres of tuica....take care and be carefoul
Thanks for all your answers.

Just to clarify we are travelling by car not plane.

The tuica is for friends and family at home over Christmas.

As I understand it is not illegal to make tuica here in Romania and it is not taxed, but it is against EU law not to tax alcohol see this link

I have spoken to UK customs and they say it is illegal to import any untaxed alcohol into the UK and I think it is the same for other EU countries. This is why I would like to pay some tax here.

You can buy taxed tuica here in a supermarket but it is more expensive than the value of the tax.

I think Teodor may be right when he says you have to have a company to do this.

Some people here in the village say you can pay the tax in Baia Mare but nobody seems to know exactly where or how.

Our neighbour says that when he travelled in a minibus with others from here to work in Italy they were stopped by the border police in Hungary and they poured all the tuica on the road, what a waste!!

Most people say 2 litres per person is OK, I'm not sure that this is legal but maybe most customs will let it go.

I will post here if I find any more information.

Thanks Again

If you are traveling with your car and you are not alone, anyone of you can take 2 botles of 2 l in their lugage, i think it will be ok. Because if every person take it as a gift from romanian people, they will not make to much noise about this matter. 90% it can be ok.
By the way, i am from Zalau, and the most apreciated tzuica is from Zalau. Next time take it from here.
Good lick and have a nice trip.

I have no idea what's the policy, but I can assure you that you can leave the country with 10 liters, cuz anyway nobody's gonna check your luggage.
Hey Basil,
we can not take more than 2 l of alchool/ person out of romania, even you are travelling by plane or by car. i can suggest you to talk to your frinds in Maramures,to send you the alchool in one box via Atlassib or Eurolines. Is not very expensive and you will receive you "gift " in you town. Good luck!
You should have asked Duncan but i take at least two liters home each time i drive back to Bristol. No problems really except when you get to Dover and they want to look through your baggage because you have been living in Romania. The problem is not the quantity but the strength of the tuica some is far to strong for eu legislation.
Cred ca se poate lua o cantitate mic (10 L) fara nici o problema.
Hello, you can ordet it online. This is a facebook link frome were you can choose palinca or tuica

tel: +40736467557
Have a nice day

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