hello, I am looking for a restaurant tonight in Prague. Somewhere not touristy and different. Somewhere where I can surprize my...

...friends. can spend about 50 euros per persons. ANy ideas?


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


Cafe Colonial on Siroka is good - in the heart of the Old Town close to the Jewish Cemetery international cuisine - good for fish too.
U Zlaty Had Plaska 4 is upscale Czech without being snooty, many Czech dishes great wine list.
Any of the Ambiente places too. Good food and service. There is a fine dine option at cafe savoy - still one of my favourite places and it has a large no smoking section
Hi Stan
It will be tricky as there are rather a lot to chose from.
Jamie's suggestions are excellent and I would only add one more so as not to make it too complicated for you.

Le Café Colonial get's so OK reviews......
An airy restaurant, Le Café Colonial comes with teak accents, miniature quiches, delicate pork and delightful salads. There's more formal dining on the left side in a darker setting, and a veranda with rattan furniture and Matisse colour tones fills out the right side. Its location, opposite the Jewish Cemetery, makes it a draw with tourists, but you won't find buses here. Resolutely French.

To make it easy for you I would totally agree with the recommendation of Ambiente!

These are the sort of reviews that Ambiente gets..........
By Far, the best restaurant in Prague.
Perhaps not the fanciest, but by all means the best one!!
Food quality, atmosphere, service, prices and more….

My favourite out of their group is 'Living'

Have a wonderful evening!!!

All the best

I agree with previous recommendations, but I do think on all places it is quite touristy and snobish. Just take them to KOZICKA - see - very close to Old Town Square, reasonable prices, perfect steaks (my friends from France, known as big gourmets, said that the meat can be compared to the Argentinian one) and a large choice of wines. Better to reserve places, very demanded by locals every night.
Enjoy ! Hana
Hello:-) very nice and really good pub is (prague 5, underground station Anděl) in same localite is :-) In Anděl is a lot of good restorants, pubs, bars mexican restorents..(my favourite restorant ).. hope u ll find some nice place :)
My own favourite restaurant is called U Emy Destinnove - great food, great service, nice atmosphere.
I wrote about it here:

Itś a little out of the way, but quirky. Its an old train car thatś been convoerted into a working class hospoda. Its a little rough around the edges, but cheap. I took a friend their recently and she didn´t really know what to say (and sheś lived in Prague for over 40 years :)

Jana Želivského 2, Praha - 3 Žižkov, 130 00

Po - Pá: 11:00-23:00
So - Ne: 18:00-23:00

closest tram stop:
Nákladové nádraží Žižkov (#5, #9, #10, #16, #19)
Hello and thanks everyone for your answer:

In the end we ended at U Sadu (Skroupovo namesti 5, Prague 3) very good and different.

Where did you end up dining? How was it? Help us help others.
atop the Dancing Building is Celeste, and you con probably get out the door for about 60 Euros pp, read my review. The resturaunt and view are certainly memborable and impressive.

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