How is the public transport in Malta?

Arriva are still late?


Country: Malta


Arriva are much more better now. Although there have been some problems when they started now they have improved a lot
They improved though they are changing the routs again
definately improved sem to run more on time but still a problem with overcrowding especially sliema to valletta routes even with the double length busses and same problem as before 3 busses turn up at once
Things are settling down with Arriva, but their buses are still too wide for the roads in Malta. There are currently some route changes going on, but it is now a viable way to get around Malta.
Continuously changing routes...some places it is ok...others it is not..when I use arriva it takes me always three hours to go from Imsida (near Valletta) to Gozo...and it's not Gozo Channel's fault...always waiting for 30 - 40 mins for the bus...
Thanks guys I do appreciate all your information.
The bus service in Malta is much better now and everything is settled. Saying this, some routes are still being changed around. One finds other means of transport such as taxis, but the Arriva are definately the cheapest.

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