can anyone confirm that euros are accepted throughout Prague, including the bus and metro transport?


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


Euros are welcome most places, but for public transport, you need crowns. I suggest taking crowns out of ATM, as opposed to converting cash.
I would recommend you to withraw the CZK currency from ATM, as Yancy suggested you already. Then for the EUR its self, many places welcome the EUR, but you will get very low rate, example instead of 24,5 CZK - 1 EUR, restaurant will count 20 CZK - 1 EUR... the same when it comes to local shops - there will be different rate than in the exchange or bank! Public transportation only in CZK currency, as already advised.
Enjoy Prague, Martina
Unfortunatelly, euros are not officially accepted in CZ (I mean officially, the only legal currency here is CZK and service providers are not allowed to accept it unless they have a licence for exchange offices). However, ATMs are trully omnipresent, as my colleagues mentioned below. There's always an ATM in a metro station. However, there are many ways how to buy tickets even without withdrawing/exchanging money - see . I personally prefer the SMS tickets, it's fast, reliable, and very convenient. There's even an Android/iPhone app for buying tickets, just go to the app store. You'll be surprised where you can get by metro/tram/bus/train/funicular/ferry, and that's only positive, of course. Most of the tourist frequented places like cafes, restaurants, attractions accept credit cards - I personally hardly ever pay in cash. Oh, and that's what's worth recommending, actually - don't have too much cash with you, it's much safer. Don't want to say you get robbed, but where's the crowd, there's always one who wants to take advantage of it (and that's pretty much anywhere around the world).

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