What kids activities are there in Budapest for a 6 year old?


Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary


There is very interesting in the amusement park, especially the part for children, but it's open till november. Budapest zoo is beautiful if he/she likes animals. It's allso interesting at the palace of wonder (Millenáris park). There are many playgrounds for children around Budapest, and usually in Millenáris park and in Palace of Arts they are organizing programs for children - take a look at their sides, choose english menu : ,

Museum of Transport is always a big hit: (some info in English ),

Museum of Natural History:
To tell you the truth the available kid programs for foreigners are not too much. But if you child likes cars, trains, etc. take him to the Museum of Transportation (address: 1146 Budapest, Városligeti krt. 11.) or if the weather is fine to the Budapest Zoo, what is not far from it. Right next to the Zoo you find the Great Circus of Budapest what is also an amusing program for kids and adults too. Also, if you walk into the small alley between the Circus and the Zoo you find a very good play house for kids, if I am right there is an entrance fee for the kids 600-700 HUF. The ticket to the zoo is about 1600-1800 HUF and to the circus is about 2000 HUF.
Also you can find a very good playground and museum in the Palace of Wonders at Millenáris.
Or you can find other museums and programs at .
Enjoy your staying!
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Regina, Kati and Miki are right. Our favourite are the Palace of Wonder, the Zoo and the Palace of Arts (MUPA). Try these out!
Definitely the Zoo park!
Although if you and your kid is coming over for Halloween (31 Oct) go to the Millenaris Theatre ( for the all day party.
The first activities that I would suggest to do with a 6 year old are all located in Budapest's City Park, in itself a nice place to visit with its castle, lots of grass to play or have picknick on in the summer and not to mention the iceskating infront of the castle in the winter. The other activities that came to my mind are:

Budapest Amusment Park in he City Park (Yellow Metro M1 to station Széchenyi fürdö) Lovely park wih roots from the 19th century with plenty of activities for kids all ages.

Next to the amusement park, also in the City Park, you will find Budapest Zoo, with all animals imaginable!

As is that wouldn't be enough, the City Park also hosts a Circus, Budapest Grand Circus.

The park is also hoem to the famous Széchenyi thermal bath which can be enjoyed all year around and that can amuse a 6 year old at the same time as being enjoyable for adults. Budapests baths - inddor and outdoor- are all something I would recommend.

Activities that are located outside the park are:

The Childrens Railway, , an old style railway in the Buda hills totally operated by children.

Sightseeing; by bus (there are always the jump on - jump off buses if it would get too tiring for the child) or by boat, a cruise on the Danube river impresses anyone - even a 6 year old!
I would suggest the Budapest Zoo and some Exhibitions like this

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