folks, i am looking for a place or a person in prague who would rent me a car for cash. how real is this? two, maybye three days - tops, hopefully not more then $20 a day and hopefully the car will be insured for other drivers to use it, thanks!


Capital city: Prague

Country: Czech Republic


Hi Anton!
This is a bit of a tall order!
I presume that when you say 20 dollars a day... firstly is that USD?
If yes then you want to pay with cash to avoid credit card transaction?
To rent from one of the many 'proper' companies would be about double of your target figure and I personally do not know anyone who would happily had over the key of their car for such a small amount of money.

Would you propose leaving a very large deposit? For example the value of the car held in a bank?

Kind regards

Nah... I appreciate it but i guess i'm just going to have to pull it through on foot. Thanx for the responce any way!
if you dont need a big car,this will come close. there will be for sure some extra charges, so check the termes and conditions.

good luck
Oh, this is awesome, thanx but they are going to ask me for a CC for sure, which I don't have... But the rates are unbelievable, I'll remember it for later! Appreciate it!
How did you make out? Do tell.
I actually ended up borrowing a friends credit card and using (thanx, Heino Kaestner!!!))) The rates are amazing and these guys are really cool. Never gave any grief about the card being somebody elses...

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