Hi Ingrid, I have learned that you are a licensed tour guide of London...I am an archeologist and licensed tour guide of Rome I will go

I will go to live in London next months and I was wandering if would be possible to give some guided tours at the Brithis Museum in italian or in english language or in other archaeological museum like for example the Museum of London, do you know how it is working ? I know that there is a European low which permit guides to work abroad...Thanking you very much,,Claudia Pinci


City: London

Constituent state: England

Country: United Kingdom


hello and thank you for writting me.. i know quite good the city and can speak basic italian. I can show you of course the interesting places based in archeolgical backgrounds, but i m no that licensed =) ti posso parlare anche in italiano. non c'e problema solo dimme quando vieni e si haidove rimanare..

Saluti. Juan c
Dear Caudia,
If you have a Rome tourist guide qualification, in order to give tours here on a temporary basis e g you don't plan to establish yourself here on a permanent basis, you are now able to provide tourist guide services here provided you first forward copies of certain legal documents [which I can detail ] including a copy of your Italian tourist guide licence / qualification. This would need to be forwarded to the Institute of Tourist Guiding [based in London]. If you require further information, please contact me directly via my professional association APTG on email: Put FAO: Ingrid M Wallenborg. I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes,
just put your name on to do the tour yourself, as long as you pay tax ( i don't see any breaking laws) EEC people are free to work wherever they are accepted.
Good luck

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