Best fadi in lisbon


City: Lisboa

District: Lisboa

Country: Portugal


Hope u enjoying Portugal. There are few nice places, to listen Fado, around Bairro Alto, Alfama and Madragoa. Like:

A Severa (Bairro Alto)
Rua das Gáveas, 55
21 342 83 14 –
Founded in 1955 by Júlio Barros Evangelista, who since the beginning has always bet on big name Fado artists performing at his establishment.

He owes his success to his wife’s extraordinary culinary skills. Maria José, created dishes that at that time were considered new and different, such as tamboril rice and stuffed squid.

The restaurant is decorated with hand painted tile panels, street lamps and arches.
Fado is sung everyday after 9:30 p.m. by João Queirós (Coimbra Fado), Natalino Jesus, Lina Santos and Elsa Coimbra accompanied by string musicians Armandino Santos and José Maria Nóbrega.
There is also folklore available.


A Tasca do Chico (Bairro Alto)
Rua do Diário de Notícias, 39
21 343 10 40

It was in 1994 that Francisco Gonçalves, originally from Amarante and resident in Bairro Alto since 1972, opened "Tasca do Chico".

He worked in “Adega Mesquita", a well known restaurant and Fado house of the neighbourhood, and he started seeing that the typical houses were closing to give way to bars. "I felt sad seeing this". With the “Fado bug" in him, Chico decided on taking an adventure and starting his own business, reserving two nights per week for Fado.
It has a spectacular environment, almost magical, that takes you away by the sound of the old and new Fado.

An interesting mingling and interaction between old and young.
Typical decoration.
Good food.


A Taverna d’ El Rey (Alfama)
Largo do Chafariz de Dentro, 14
21 887 67 54 -

Situated in Alfama, one of the most recognized neighbourhoods of Lisbon, the typical restaurant "Taverna d'el Rey" offers you, in the charming environment of the old city, Fado, and the culinary specialties of regional Portuguese cuisine. Initially it was a bar that sold charcoal and wine, for twenty years now this Fado house is the property of Fado singer Maria Jô-Jô.

Here you can enjoy a truly original Fado in a neighbourhood full of Lisbon traditions.


you can allways have a look online on the following site, where you can find loads of places and information about Fado, places, history etc:

hope it was off any help, and my very best wishes for your night out.

All the best
Best "FADO" in Restaurant Timpanas, Alcantara, Lisboa.
Casa de fados Sr.Vinho, em Lisboa
Hello the Best Fado place is Café Luso in Bairro Alto.

Enjoy your time in Portugal


The best place to listen to "Fado" is "Bairro Alto". There you can find many places and it´s hard to say what is the best. I think it depends of personal taste.
Read it the answer from Maria Filomena. She knows very well where are the good places for listen good fado. Enjoy!!

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