i am going to Cusco in the next days and i would like to know if this bar is like a cofee shop in Amsterdam,is there any one that can...



City: Cusco

Department: Cusco

Country: Peru


There're no oficially Amsterdam -like bars in Cusco. As a matter of fact, you'll be given a leaflet with a warning of penalties for drug buying and consumption. Anyway you can get them quite easlily in bars and restaurants downtown. A couple of years ago I was offered drugs in a small restaurant at Pasaje Suecia. I declined the offering for it's not my kind of leisure, but hada a drink with a tourist in wait of his delivery.

Wachuma is not like the Amsterdam bars to take cofee, it is more like a pub, to eat a soft thing, listen good music , have some drinks. By night you can dance also and in weekends there are groups playing live.

Ask for Gonzalo he is one of the owners.
Well, I am sorry to tell you that here in Cusco there is not a coffee shop like in Amsterdam but if you are interested in a mad night you can get. The nightlige here in Cusco is the craziest of the south of Peru. So, do not worry if you want to have fun. If you are interested in culture and tourism do not doubt to be in touch with me. At email. Have a nice day!

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