if we are staying in South Yarra for two weeks, what are the best options for a pass for trains, buses and trams. Reading the myki options

they are confusing


City: Melbourne

State: Victoria

Country: Australia


You don't need to get a Myki, you can still get Metcards for now. If you don't intend to travel too far from South Yarra, then you can just get a Zone 1 full fare weekly metcard each week. Or if you don't use the public transport everyday, then you can even get a 10 X 2 hour metcard, each gives you 10 travels within a 2 hour time frame, if you swipe this card twice in a day, it automatically becomes a daily ticket. You can also get a 5 X daily metcard. Personally I would get the 10 X 2 hour because sometimes you only need to be out for less than 2 hours anyway.

The only benefit with the Myki is I think it's slightly cheaper, but you need to pay $6 to actually purchase the card first, so if you have anyone you know who lives in Melbourne, you can either borrow a Myki from them or if you do decide to purchase one, maybe you can leave them your Myki so they can use it.
I agree with Jez - for a two week period in Melbourne - it would be best to get the metcards - they are much more simpler to use than a MYKI - the difference between the two is just the fare and price of buying a MYKI Card at $6.00 outright where you can just throw out your metcard at the end of the day - Metcards will specifically tell you which ZONES you can travel to ( Zone 1 Or Zone 2 Unless you have a ZONE 1 & 2 Ticket ) whereas MYKI will allow you travel ALL ZONES - the only thing you need to remember is that when you do travel with a MYKI card - you need to scan your ticket when you board and then when you exit ( to get the cheapest fare ) whereas Metcard you put it into the ticket machine once only when boarding as it is a set fair - you only need to pay attentin to the printed part where it tells you at WHAT time your ticket will expire, before you need to buy a new Metcard - MYKI doesn't expire and or have time travel restrictions - but if you fail to SCAN Off when leaving the transport - you will pay a HIGHER Fare than you would if using METCARDS - Both Tickets ( MYKI and METCARDS ) will allow you to travel on Trams, Trains and Buses - Hope this helps

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