Recommendations on local restaurants (not tourist traps), serving good local food where we, who speak primarily English, will be able to ord

We'll be staying at the Mariott for three nights, next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


Capital city: Prague

Country: Czech Republic


You could start with Restaurant U Cizku.
Then as you are only here for a short time I don't think you'll have time to check out many more because you will find yourself so busy with places to visit that you will probably end up eating close to where you are when hungry :-)
You will not have any problems finding good food.
If you want to do some more internet browsing prior to your visit then here are a couple more recommendations:
Hello, there are many very beautiful restaurants and traditional Czech pubs where is served typical food etc in the city.... check out on google: KLASTERNI PIVOVAR STRAHOV - brewery at the Prague castle, U CERVENEHO PAVA - old town at the Red Peacock - great steaks and local prices, BEER FACTORY, U PROVAZNICE, U PIVRNCE, U KATA...
The best is if you take private guided tour for few hours where the guide will introduce you the city and point you the right directions. :)

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