i have never been to iceland i am requesting if you could tell me hoe the unversity of ireland is?


Country: Iceland


I assume you are asking about the University of Iceland, not Ireland? It is a good University and you can study any subject you are interested in. The annual fees are not very high so that anyone interested in studying can sign up as long as they have qualified education.
I am very glad to study in Icelandic University. If you have any concrete questions let me know. This is a web of HI www.
The University of iceland is one of 7 universities in Iceland. It is the oldest in the country, established in 1911. It is also the most popular university in the country with nearly 16.000 students. In winter some 700 foreign exchange students from all over the world study at university in Iceland.

U of I has five schools and 25 departments. Each department has some courses on offer for foreign students wishing to study in the English language. Most popular courses include Icelandic for foreigners, Iceland's culture and Icelandic folk and fairy tales. The university has great courses on offer for volcanologist, cryologists, tephrachronologists and general geologists and geographers.

Check out the website of the International office of U of I.

There are a few Uni's here and all good. Some are private and some are not. Here's the webpage from the biggest.

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