Is Toque still the best restaurant in Montreal? I need to find the 'latest place' for my boss to wine and dine big clients! Thanks.


City: Montreal

Province: Quebec

Country: Canada


I have never been there because it is a high end restaurant, but it suppose to be a very good restaurant. I only heard good comments about it! Since we are acknowledge for our great food in Montreal, I could add that we have a lot of very good restaurants in Montreal generally speaking.
The Ritz-Carlton's Daniel Boulud, one of New York's few 3-star Michelin chefs, has opened a new dining room in the newly renovated Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Montreal's Golden Mile, without a doubt THE place to take someone to impress. Meanwhile La Coupole in the Crystal Hotel on de la Montagne at Boulevard Rene-Levesque, is a great second choice, for completely different reasons. Here. you will be treated to the savoire-faire of Canada's greatest Director of Food and Beverages, Gino Mourin, while dining in a more relaxed atmosphere, in the company of a veritable Who's Who of visitors and locals alike.

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